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Howdy! I'm Andrew and I'm undertaking a PhD in Computer Science via the School of Information Technologies. For the past year, I've also been on my faculty board as a student representative. And I’d like to encourage you to take a role in this part of university life.

These roles give us a presence behind closed doors. One of the biggest issues during my time as a rep was the Student Services and Amenities Fee. I attended the faculty board meetings, heard how the different positions would affect coursework, research, undergrad and postgrad students, and voiced the concerns of those students.

And that's the biggest motivator as a student rep – being a voice! You can raise awareness of issues that have been brought to your attention by other students, and get them dealt with. Compare this with waiting 6 months, 12 months or even longer...

So nominate, participate, experience, and be that voice!

For more information, visit the elections website. To nominate, contact the administration office of your school or faculty.

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