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With the dreaded exams looming once again, it’s a perfect time to visit the newly revamped Fisher Library. It’s definitely a departure from the library of old, with all sorts of gadgetry sprawled across levels 2, 3 and 4. Some are familiar whilst others are completely foreign, but nonetheless welcome, to the library domain.

Level 2 now hosts the new ‘pods’, featuring massive touch-screen computers and roundtables, not unlike those from executive conference rooms. Meanwhile Fisher South on level 3 features karaoke-style pods which, although not conducive to getting any actual work done, make for excellent cinema watching (earphone jacks even adorn each sofa).

Those looking to get some solo work done haven’t been left behind however, with study desks and lounges available on all three levels (power points too, hallelujah!). There’s certainly more noise all around though, so those needing complete silence should visit level 4, a designated quiet zone.

You can check out Fisher Library any day of the week. Feel free to approach the counter staff (which includes students, including me) on level 3 should you need help with the new spaces or movie recommendations for the pods (this goes both ways; let us know what’s good to watch!).


Saw the new Library and it is ten times better!!!

so wonderful!

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