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March 2013

Events and activities at the residential colleges during O-Week are in the news today after stories in Cleo magazine and on A Current Affair. Read the University's official statement:


"There is no place for sexual harassment, bullying or other forms of anti-social behaviour in college or anywhere else in the University of Sydney.

Although the residential colleges are independent, the University’s Student Code of Conduct applies to behaviour in colleges as well as on campus. We encourage any student who has concerns to report them to the University so that they may be properly investigated and appropriate action taken.

The University and the residential colleges continue to work together on implementing this code of conduct and on counselling students on the standards that are expected of them."


If you've experienced an incident that breaches the code of conduct – on campus or at the colleges – you can report the matter and seek support from the Uni Counselling Service.

Here's the Cleo article and ACA segment (including statements from the colleges).

Join the discussion on Facebook and reddit.


Week Four: the time when you start to think perhaps this whole Uni thing isn’t for you. You have a weird tutor that trails off at the end of her sentences, you can never keep up in lectures and you don’t really understand this whole ‘eLearning’ thing people keep talking about.

It seems at this point – whether you’re completely behind on readings, struggling to understand the basic concepts of your subjects, or haven’t made a single friend – that a lot of students just jump ship entirely.

But that's not the only solution. The HECS Census date is this Sunday, 31 March – your last chance to withdraw from subjects you no longer wish to take without attracting fees or fail marks on your academic record.

Here’s some ways to make this deadline work for you…

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As a new semester begins, all seems like it does every year. On the first day we arrive, confident of being perfect students with neatly ruled pages and sharpened pencils. We catch up with friends we only see during class time and sit in lecture theatres that are more full then they'll be for the rest of semester. However, the atmosphere is odd and slightly twinges at the skin. Something is different for me, even though most seems so familiar. This year I am a postgraduate student, working towards a Masters in Physiotherapy. What will it feel like to be a postgrad student?



You can be forgiven for mistaking the new Learning Hubs for café lounges, what with the bean bags, zigzag sofas, boutique tabletops and whiteboards sharing floor space with the conventional computer desks.

That’s not to say you won’t find any computers around; they’re still readily available for all things research and beating assignment deadlines. But you ought to visit these hubs for the customs emerging outside the computer. Whether it’s the club executives making bulletins of the whiteboards, or the engineers casually dining and playing cards, or the weary first-years enjoying Sydney’s skyline from Carslaw’s windows, there’s a livelihood in these hubs that was sorely missing from the old access labs they replaced. Less than a year after launch, students have made these hubs a wonderfully unique space.

It’s clear these hubs were destined to become that 'third place'. That place you could frequent to get work done, hang with friends or just unwind. The choice is yours. See what these new hubs can do for you.

You can check out the PNR Learning Hub on weekdays between 8AM and 6PM, and Carslaw Learning Hub is now open 24/7.

Learn more about student IT services.


I never really meant to get into med school. I wanted to be a Vet or an Architect in high school, and couldn’t imagine being the lead actor in the blood and guts of TV medicine. I dressed like an architect – matching colours and structured outfits are still my thing – and loved talking to animals at every opportunity. But somehow, I ended up here at Sydney Medical School. And I’ve loved every minute of it.

So how did I get here?



Where can your medical studies at Sydney Uni take you? Brooke Sachs (pictured) is a stage three medical student based at the Royal North Shore Hospital, founder of the rural youth mentoring initiative ‘Avenir’, and the Vice-Chair of the Australian Youth Forum Steering Committee. Despite this daunting workload, she’s made time to do a quick Q&A with us!

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Where can your nursing studies at Sydney Uni take you? Travis Brown joined a group of fellow students who spent part of their Christmas break working in hospitals in Vietnam, and we’ve asked him about the experience.

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Starting University is a pretty damn exciting time in one’s life. For me it was such a mix of emotions. I cried at enrolment and nearly exploded with excitement at 0-Week. At the time, I had spent a year off from study, travelling and working so I was very ready to learn.

If I could go back and tell 19-year-old me a few things, what would I say?

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