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April 2013

City of Sydney historian, Lisa Murray

I recently spoke with history department alumna and City of Sydney historian Dr Lisa Murray (pictured), who, will be speaking about the need to future-proof the memory of the world at this year's TEDxSydney.



Being a law student at Sydney Uni is not just about avoiding the pretentious people.

I’m a third-year Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law student (although I once told a health science student that I study a Bachelor of Manning Bar, to which they just looked confused). Basically, being a law student means that while I drink coffee all day and make the most of having only 12 hours of classes a week, I get to complain about how hard my life is that I have to carry heavy textbooks around. So why did I choose this degree?



This week I spoke with four extraordinary young alumni, Emma Collenbrander, Katerina Kimmorley, Monique Alfris and Jamie Chivers, who joined forces in 2012 with a mission to eradicate energy poverty in India through their social business venture, Pollinate Energy.

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On Wednesday I spoke with self-described ‘pollster geek’ Professor Simon Jackman. A visiting professor at the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre, Simon has pioneered a more scientific approach to studying politics and will be speaking about the 'data revolution' and his work as a political scientist at this year's TEDxSydney.



Two years ago, ‘The First Emperor: China’s Entombed Warriors’ exhibition was at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Since seeing that exhibition I’ve often thought about one day visiting the World Heritage Site near Xi’an in central China.

And today was that day, during our visit to Xi’an Jiao Tong University. While learning about student life at some of China’s top nine universities as part of the 2013 Go8’s Student Leadership in International Cooperation Project, we’ve had a wonderful insight into Chinese history, culture and society.

Read more about Erin's trip.


In March 2012, I was named as one of 25 Australian-American Fulbright Scholars, and as I write this, I am coming to the end of my Fulbright experience. I have spent the past eight months at UC Berkeley, California, working on research in artificial intelligence as part of my PhD. By the time I finish next month, I will have visited eleven states, seeing a breadth of sights and sounds that I could only dream about previously.



Popular Masterchef contestant Kylie Millar has just completed her Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney, and took time out from her busy schedule to do a quick Q&A with us:

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Twelve days, five of the top universities in China: this is the Go8’s Student Leadership in International Cooperation Project 2013.

In Shanghai, we had a one-day visit to Fudan University. We spent the morning getting to know a group of students while touring the main campus to experience, for a brief period of time, student life at Fudan. Our afternoon itinerary consisted of a volleyball game with students – what we didn't know was that we'd be playing the Fudan men’s volleyball team, the number one men’s university team in China. They were very kind to us though – a group of PhD candidates, most of who had not played volleyball since high school!

Read more about Erin's trip.


I recently spoke with Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum (pictured) from the University of Sydney Law School about his involvement with this year's TedxSydney event. Blind since birth, Ron has spent his life campaigning for disability rights. Find out more about the life of one of the University's most inspiring people.



I’m Megan. I’m a third-year Commerce (Liberal Studies) student and intern at IBM and I enjoy living life at an unsustainable pace. I micromanage to do lists, I’m a coffee aficionado and I’m strongly opposed to grammatical incorrectness.



On Wednesday I spoke with Bill Pritchard, Associate Professor at the University of Sydney’s School of Geosciences. As a human geographer and researcher into food security, there are few as qualified as Bill to speak at this year's TEDxSydney event, which will focus on food and sustainability.



What's it like to change countries and careers? Third-year student Audrey Deheinzelin is making the transition from IT to the environment, and represents students on her faculty board and the University’s academic board. She took time out from her busy schedule to do a quick Q&A with us...

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So it’s that time of semester when you really start to dislike 'past you' – who took so long to open up those textbooks, didn't take enough notes in lectures and misspent the entire mid-semester break indulging in chocolate and TV. Fortunately, all hope is not lost when it comes to preparing for mid-semester exams and assignments: Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are available in the Business and Law Schools.



One of the few places on campus to receive a facelift this year is the Tech Lounge, offspring of Microsoft and our university. Gone is the obtrusive wall divider, which frees the space considerably. Populating the lounge are brand new gizmos for all to use. My thoughts below:



Youth – it’s that time between being a child and an adult. And, as a generation told both to “act our age” and to “never grow old” it’s a little hard to work out who we’re supposed to be or how we’re meant to act at any time. This week, however, is National Youth Week. A time for those aged 15-24 to reflect on the power of this odd period between the freedom of childhood and the responsibilities of a mortgage.



The Uni’s wireless network has been upgraded to increase capacity and reliability. You'll need to delete your connection, and then reconnect to the ‘UniSydney’ wireless network from 8 April onwards.

If you’ve previously connected to the ‘UniSydney’ or ‘UniSydney-guest’ networks, you’ll need to remove them from your network lists and reconnect them.

Any questions or issues, please contact the ICT Helpdesk: 9351 6000.


For me, this year was like being a first-year again. Running around trying to find my next class in a building I’d never heard of, working out the best place to grab the necessary 9am-lecture-coffee, meeting new people in classes who’ve become some of my closest friends, and working out how late I can leave home and still make it to uni on time. The only difference? This year, I’m on exchange in Scotland.


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