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Dear Sydney University,

I would like to receive a scholarship because it has always been my dream to attend Hogwarts. After being terribly disappointed in not receiving my Hogwarts acceptance letter when I was 11 years old (I’m sure they made a mistake!), I have now decided that my next best option is to attend Sydney University. This is a why I deserve a scholarship.

I hope I can bring my owl to class.*

(* My sources inform me that this letter may or may not be an actual scholarship application received by the university.)

So you’ve made the wise decision to apply for the generous scholarships offered by Sydney University. But should you really be writing your application on parchment with ink?

For the Merit, Entry and Faculty Scholarships, there is a single application form. The application involves a one-page personal statement. Here are some better ways to dazzle the selection panel:

- Leave enough time: If you’re in Year 12, start preparing now. Getting one of the scholarships will be worth all your time and effort. Make sure it arrives before the due date.

- Presentation: Your statement (not a letter) should be typed. Spell-check, edit it and get it proof-read by someone else.

- Don’t be modest: If you’ve had some amazing achievements or interesting experiences, share them!

-Write in an engaging manner: While some people love to write about themselves, listing achievements can be boring, so spice it up with different sentence structures that are clear and concise. Provide examples, elaborate on how it made a difference to you or what skills you’ve learnt.

- Share yourself: Make sure your personality shines through. What makes you unique? What are your values? What are you interested in? How will you grow during and after your studies here?

- Why Sydney Uni?: Why do you want to come here? Do you look forward to exchange, joining a society or a particular opportunity? Show that you have completed research on your course and the university, rather than simply wanting to go to Hogwarts.

- Show your passion: Most importantly, show your passion in your field of study. Why are you interested in this area? How have you been involved in this area during high school? Share who you are now, and your dreams and aspirations for the future.

Remember, the University is looking for future leaders who will make the most out of their time at university and contribute to our society.

The applications for Merit, Entry and Faculty Scholarships will open on 1 August and close on 2 October, 2013. To find out about the other scholarships on offer, read my previous post. Best of luck!

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