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August 2013


Normally university education and fortune-telling don’t go together, but if you’re interested in finding out what studying at Sydney Uni will be like, then you should definitely be coming to Open Day!



Whether you want to cultivate a career in criminology or Chinese relations, or have aspirations in art curation or architecture, the Postgrad Expo this Saturday 31 August is the place to start.



Insects, super conductors, latex bouncy balls, Quidditch, food DNA and Game of Thrones... these are just some of the fun hands-on activities that will open your mind at Open Day this Saturday.



Australia is less than two weeks out from an election. Those eighteen and above will go to the polls to have their biggest say in politics for the past three years. But 1.2 million of us eligible to vote have kept our names off the electoral role, 400 000 of those being young people 18-24. It begs the question, “why are young people not having their say?”



As we approach the middle of semester, the sometimes torturous cycle of attending class, doing readings, starting assignments and preparing for mid-terms is starting to kick in.

If you’re finding that you have too much on your plate this semester, or will struggle with the workload when assessments start piling up, now is a good time to think about withdrawing from a unit of study.



Making the decision to go to university is difficult enough, let alone deciding which one to go to. So why did I choose Sydney Uni? Come to Open Day this Saturday 31 August and see for yourself!



Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper, Stella McCartney, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks.

What do said multi-millionaires have in common? Before they ascended into the upper echelons of the world’s most influential people they were – brace yourself – interns.



Today marks a month exactly since I arrived back in Sydney after an absolutely amazing semester abroad in Glasgow, Scotland. In that time I’ve caught up with everyone I missed so much while I was away, muddled through three weeks of uni, celebrated one of my best friends being accepted into the University College London exchange program next year, and have failed to come to terms with the number of frozen yoghurt places that have invaded Sydney. It’s been a bit of a shock to the system: I still call eggplants aubergines, get confused when my lecturers and tutors introduce themselves by their first name, am tempted to take my umbrella with me when I go out (just in case!), and blush when people talk about thongs. I’ve also cultivated a bit of a tea addiction.



Would you shave your head for charity? I've just lost my locks for my favourite animal causes, but there's less drastic ways to get involved too...



Thinking about a summer scholarship?

This time last year, I toyed with the decision of whether to pick up a second casual job or apply for a research scholarship through the Sydney Medical School for the majority of my summer. I chose the latter, and spent around 8 weeks working on the writing of a meta-analysis investigating the links between hormonal factors and the risk of developing oesophageal cancer.



Research degrees provide access to like-minded peers and a very deep understanding in a very narrow field. However, the ability to express our ideas in an engaging way outside of our fields, or to think about our research in professional or even commercial contexts beyond academia, are areas that are often neglected. But where do we find the training resources needed to hone these skills, and how do we find the time to practice them?



Extreme Theatresports. The one night of the year when the Project 52 comedians turn Hermanns Bar into a mess of honey, silly string and sherbet; and somehow get away with it. The annual event, now in it’s second year, attracted the usual Sydney University comedy crowd and a few extras to fill the room to capacity.

Hosted by Steen Raskopoulos and Michael Hing, the event was a one not to be forgotten.



So by now everyone has hopefully settled into uni with a relaxed week of introductory lectures. I feel somewhat bored … I want to get straight into the contents of my courses! But it’s all important stuff like semester exam dates and major assignments which we are being told about …good to know. But make sure you've enrolled in all the things you want to study before Friday, 9 August!


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