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Written by:Angela Wilcox-Watson

PHOTO: @dtsmith_sydney, Instagram

How are you spending the Winter break? Are you on a road trip to the snow? Traipsing through Europe? Or – like me – relaxing and enjoying the local scene? Holidays are great, but no matter what you’re doing, there are plenty of things you’ll miss about Sydney Uni over the break.

1. Your daily ibis encounter
From Sydney University Ibis Watch - photo Chris Rodley-480px .jpg
PHOTO: Chris Rodley, Facebook.

Don’t deny it, there’s something a bit charming about the ibises that strut their stuff up and down Camperdown. There knows no thrill like the battle with an ibis over a patch of Law Lawns. And yes, Sydney University Ibis Watch is a thing.

2. Campus comfort food
meatbox - by @ctotem.jpg
PHOTO: @ctotem, Instagram

It’s totally normal to come back to Uni over the break when lunchtime rolls around and only campus cuisine will satisfy. Doesn’t take long to miss Courtyard’s pizza creations, and who can resist the siren’s call of the fabled Unibro’s meatbox? Plus there’s always the boulevard of lunch-special dreams that is King Street just around the corner.

3. It's a place made for Instagram
Quad by @crescent_prince.jpg
PHOTO: @crescent_prince, Instagram

You could close your eyes, spin around in a circle and point your phone vaguely at the Quad and still take a jaw-dropping gr shot. Plus, when classes are out and the campus is empty, it’s a field of dreams for any aspiring photographer. Sydney Uni’s feed is full of amazing photos.

4. Being besties with the canines on campus

Did you know that the Uni is home to several famous pooches. We’ve got Brooklyn the bulldog, who’s studying a dogree in adorableness, then there’s the USU’s four-legged ambassador Zali. You might also spot some working dogs helping the grounds staff around campus. And don’t forget Sally the blue heeler who’s stealing hearts and minds near the CPC and cricket ovals.

5. The jacaranda
PHOTO: @dtsmith_sydney, Instagram

Our iconic jacaranda is so beloved that the Uni cloned it so it can be immortal… or at least outlive its normal lifespan. The Quad wouldn’t be complete without it, and when it blooms it makes the Quad even more magical (if essentially being Hogwarts wasn’t enough).

6. Sleeping in the library

Is it a spaceship? A CAT scan machine? The library has stepped up the napping game with these futuristic ‘EnergyPods’ in Fisher. Perfect for mid-study power naps.

7. Face-time with the grotesques

Grotesque by name, but not by nature. There’s something comforting in the knowledge that our sandstone sentinels have kept watch over the Quad for 160 years and counting. Bonus points if you can find the world’s first kangaroo gargoyle among a menagerie of creatures that includes a crocodile, a dog and a monkey.

8. Wednesday activities
PHOTO: @usuaccess, Instagram

Wednesdays are definitely the best day to be at Uni. There’s bound to be a club having a bake sale somewhere, or something fun and unexpected happening on Eastern Avenue. Plus, there’s the University of Sydney Union’s fortnightly markets where you can shop without breaking your student budget.

9. Best bells ever

There are only two carillons in Australia, one here and one in Canberra. Sydney Uni’s beloved bells ring out magical tunes across campus on the hour – sometimes it’s Harry Potter, sometimes it’s Game of Thrones… once it was Darude’s Sandstorm.

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