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By Kristi Cheng

I take in my scenic surroundings as I walk to the office we’ve called home for the past few days; I probably won’t be here in early in the morning for a while. There weren’t as many people today as there were yesterday – this I was surprised about – but there were so many more... small people. There were little people here, little people there. There were little people everywhere. Some were slightly larger little people, but let’s just say – and I don’t consider myself a tall person, in any way – I crashed headfirst (well, their head, my torso) into at least three small children during the day because they were out of my range of sight. You see, today was Family Day, and parents were here to get their children to put the fidget spinners down, and pick up a book.


I started the last day of what has been an amazing few days with a Tweet: “Last day of interning at the wonderful @SydWritersFest ! Will be sad to go #usyd #sydneywritersfestival #mediahub”. Back in the hub, I picked up and unwrapped a Mintie from the giant, family-sized packet that has lived in its home at the middle of the table for the past four days. Everyone on the team are addicted to them, yet the bag of Minities seem just as full as they were on the first day. I check my phone. The Sydney Writers’ Festival Twitter account has ‘liked’ my tweet. #interngoals #accomplished

The office we occupied for the past four days has a view overlooking the pier. Usually, we see views of the water half the time, and a bunch of people lining up for an event for the other half. But today was Family Day. Today, it wasn’t just normal people milling around. Today, we found Wally in the crowd, and the Cat in the Hat greeting children. Also today, I was met outside the bookstore with a giant line of children and their parents, so great they almost completely blocked the entrance, all holding books ready to be signed by children’s books author and illustrator, James Foley.

I am inspired by their enthusiasm for books, and jealous about all the time they have to spend reading. I hope they continue to learn, to think, to explore, and to find refuge in books. I know that after seeing all I’ve seen these four days, just like the 1kg, family sized packet of Minties that doesn’t seem to empty despite everyone’s effort, despite going to school for the past 17 years, there is so much more to learn, and so many more books to read.

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