About Alex (first year)

A wannabe Starchitect® with the ego to boot

Aptly described by this blog’s old hands as coming “new with tags”, Alex is a first year aspiring Starchitect® with hopes of finding fame and fortune in the big smoke of Sydney city… as soon as he finishes his 5 year Architecture degree.

After numerous – and often graphic – rejections, Alex’s summer foray into publishing “Scratch & Sniff Post-Mortems” was put on hold at least until the mid-year break, and until then he is looking to sustain his eBay habit with the help of some yet-to-be found benefactors à la 'Great Expectations'.

A proven distant relative of Miles Franklin, and rumoured to be a direct descendant of Tsar Nicolas I’s illegitimate son (no joke), Alex is eager to step out of the shadow of a former colonial architect with his same name, and preferably straight into an apartment on the shores of Lavender Bay… once he finishes his degree.

An undisclosed source claims Alex seems to be happy with his choice of degree, but given its length is unsure of how long the amicable relations will last. In the face of this, Alex takes comfort in the fact that he shares a birthday with the likes of Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln and Anna Pavlova. Although the law of averages would have it that only so many famous people can be born on the one day, Alex is convinced destiny is on his side, and hopes to fulfill it… as soon as he finishes his degree.

Although his future is unclear (that’s nuclear, for all you dyslexics), Alex has toyed with the idea of joining Young Labor, but in light of recent events can’t see much point. And so, with a characteristic mix of apathy and pessimism, an eerie fondness for writing about himself in the third person, and an unnerving ability to begin each paragraph with an “A-word”, Alex has resolved to live life much as he has before… at least until he finishes his degree.