About Alex

Science Exchange - Commerce/Science/Dip. Lang. III

Hey gang! I'm Alex.

This semester I am off to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for exchange. Back at Sydney, I'm enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce/Science, with a sneaky concurrent diploma of languages in Indonesian on the side. What does that lead to I hear to ask? 'Not sure' is my standard reply. I love being at Sydney, and hope to get into life in the US just as much as I try to back home. While at Sydney, Hermann’s is my favorite haunt, where I can usually manage to bump into someone I know from the clubs and societies circuit. Off campus, I enjoy bushwalking, although my record at actually getting out for the past year is fairly abysmal. I'm also involved with various clubs on campus including the economics society and debating.

Many of my friends were a little surprised at my choice of exchange destination, but I’m hoping to prove their doubts wrong. Set in a small town, I’m hoping Chapel Hill will be the ideal window into American ‘college culture’, so that I can see what the hype is all about. I’m fairly optimistic by nature, so at the moment I’m envisaging frat parties, football games, red cups and an on campus culture that can only come from living, eating, sleeping and studying with thousands of your closest friends. On the more serious side, I’m pretty excited about the courses in Economics and Geography that I have managed to scout out, and am looking forward to what will surely be the different teaching styles of American college professors. So is it really like they show on TV? That’s what I’m going in to find out.

Keep posted as I fill you in on my adventures as a southern gentleman.