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This year, Friday 13 March is ‘Dietitians Day’ in Australia. Now in its second year, Dietitians Day is an opportunity to celebrate dietetics and promote research and education in nutrition.

So, dietitians…who are they? Dietitians, or more accurately, Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are the experts in food and nutrition. APDs integrate multiple human nutrition and social sciences to provide advice on dietary choices for good health and disease prevention, counsel individuals on management of disease with therapeutic diets (especially diabetes and cardiovascular disease), implement and manage nutrition services and programs, develop nutrition programs and policies, and undertake research. APDs are credentialed by the Dietitians Association of Australia – the peak body for dietetic and nutrition professionals in Australia, which represents more than 5,800 members.



Events and activities at the residential colleges during O-Week are in the news today after stories in Cleo magazine and on A Current Affair. Read the University's official statement:


"There is no place for sexual harassment, bullying or other forms of anti-social behaviour in college or anywhere else in the University of Sydney.

Although the residential colleges are independent, the University’s Student Code of Conduct applies to behaviour in colleges as well as on campus. We encourage any student who has concerns to report them to the University so that they may be properly investigated and appropriate action taken.

The University and the residential colleges continue to work together on implementing this code of conduct and on counselling students on the standards that are expected of them."


If you've experienced an incident that breaches the code of conduct – on campus or at the colleges – you can report the matter and seek support from the Uni Counselling Service.

Here's the Cleo article and ACA segment (including statements from the colleges).

Join the discussion on Facebook and reddit.

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 2.47.40 PM.png

In the world of politics, Sydney wouldn’t seem to stand out among such cities as London, Cairo and my hometown of Washington, D.C. My friends and family were surprised when I revealed my decision to become an American exchange student at the University of Sydney, but just a few weeks into my time here, I'm confident that I made a wise choice.

As a political science major concentrating in public policy, I'm fascinated by the Australian political system. Issues that have all but been abandoned by the U.S. Congress, such as aboriginal rights and climate change, are front-and-center in the political discussion here. Studying subjects as diverse as Australian environmental history and comparative politics of ethnic conflict was an attractive factor, but what sealed the deal in my decision was obtaining an internship at GetUp!—a progressive political advocacy organization based in Sydney.

The opportunity to learn first-hand about many of the issues I study in the classroom was irresistible, and as I’ve learned back at my alma mater of George Washington University, it’s without a doubt the best opportunity to master the art of networking—developing professional relationships that will help me after my studies.

As I dive headfirst into what will ultimately be a six-month journey into Australian academic life, parties, politics and travel, I’m thrilled to have been provided this platform to share my experiences. Feel free to follow my personal blog, Dispatches from Down Under, and my Twitter account as well.



For those of you who have been reading my profile updates with a keen eye, you may have noticed that it now says that I live at the Women’s College. Although I’ve started my third year of uni, 2009 marks my first year at College – which means that I am technically a “Fresher”. What does this mean? It means that during O-Week, I was juggling the main campus festivities with the ones at College. How is College O-Week different? Well, for one, it’s the start of your new life living on campus – so it involves tonnes of activities to help you get to know freshers in your own college as well as at other colleges.

basically, I now live in some crazy amalgamation of a sorority and Enid Blyton's "St. Clare's"... except there's no curfew + I can come and go as I please. note: I live in the uglier building that I have strategically left out of this photo.

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