About Courtney (arts, Nth year)

This blog's going straight to video


  • I do more extra-curricular activities at uni than work, which means I heart my USU. In fact, I've been a member of the University of Sydney Union Board of Directors since July 2008, and have been its Vice-President since July 2009. My term as a Director and VP will end on 30 June 2010.
  • I am studying a Bachelor of Arts and will, ideally, complete a double major in Gender & Cultural Studies and Anthropology, eventually going onto Honours in one of those disciplines... I find it a little concerning that I don't know when this will actually be.
  • I went on Chatroulette the other day and was filled with fear.
  • I spend more time on campus than I need to - so much so that now I moved into The Women's College in my 3rd year of uni. Before this I commuted.
  • I could spend hours playing Tetris.
  • If I weren't studying Arts, I would probably be studying something like Marine Science because I like snorkelling and find reef systems really interesting.
  • I am an avid consumer of popular culture, and will probably try to find a way to sneak Arrested Development, Mad Men or The Simpsons into my Honours thesis in 2010 whenever I end up doing it.
  • I started twittering this year... I still don't know how I feel about that.
  • I really like the fact that I can pretend to be in an aquarium in the Photobooth application on a Macbook!
  • Kinda want to start video blogging, but I'm concerned that I'm not funny enough :( Maybe 2010 will be my year!
  • I am one of those people who is in the Nth year of their Arts Degree, and still have ages to go.
  • My hand gestures are out of control.
  • Sometimes I worry that I've peaked too soon in life.
  • My favourite place on campus is the Holme Pleasaunce.
  • I genuinely have little clue about when I will finish my degree. I've been part time, full time, fun times... right now, if I include Hons, I will finish at the end of 2011.