About Davina (economic and social sciences (honours), 4th year)

Shall I do the honours?

Davina is one of the masses that unashamedly came to Usyd for the pretty buildings. Once here she tried to make the most of everything that she found was on offer, from parties to protests and thousands of interesting people. Having recently completed her degree during an exchange semester, she has returned to Sydney’s shores from the States a few kilos heavier and with an unhealthy addiction to facebook. Ready or not she is now undergoing the transformation from a carefree traveling student into a socially retarded, serious honours student. This will add more little letters to the end of her name, allow her to really explore a topic she is fascinated by, and maybe just make her more employable than her glorified Arts degree (Bachelor of Economics and Social Sciences) currently does. Should she survive her thesis Davina’s plans upon graduation are as diverse as they are fanciful, ranging from a second degree to volunteer work, a yogic studies course, or perhaps just running off into the sunset. Join her as she struggles to squeeze 20 000 words of original, academic, politically-economic thought from her head, and inevitably procrastinates along the way.