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Fisher Library


With the dreaded exams looming once again, it’s a perfect time to visit the newly revamped Fisher Library. It’s definitely a departure from the library of old, with all sorts of gadgetry sprawled across levels 2, 3 and 4. Some are familiar whilst others are completely foreign, but nonetheless welcome, to the library domain.

Level 2 now hosts the new ‘pods’, featuring massive touch-screen computers and roundtables, not unlike those from executive conference rooms. Meanwhile Fisher South on level 3 features karaoke-style pods which, although not conducive to getting any actual work done, make for excellent cinema watching (earphone jacks even adorn each sofa).

Those looking to get some solo work done haven’t been left behind however, with study desks and lounges available on all three levels (power points too, hallelujah!). There’s certainly more noise all around though, so those needing complete silence should visit level 4, a designated quiet zone.

You can check out Fisher Library any day of the week. Feel free to approach the counter staff (which includes students, including me) on level 3 should you need help with the new spaces or movie recommendations for the pods (this goes both ways; let us know what’s good to watch!).


We are now post mid semester break, and I’ve noticed that the ‘Yay! I can feel my mind working, I love learning new things!’ has turned into: ‘This is giving me a headache.’ This may be brought on by the realisation that I have to actually do work to pass. The next few weeks are chock full for assignments. As I’m writing this, I’m actually sitting in the Sci-Tech Library. It’s loud. I came here to write an essay and am beginning to realise that I may be one of the very few people actually trying to do work here.


So, it’s is mid-semester break and I am supposed to be ferreting my way through mountains of research material, drafting proposals, writing reports, proofing my essays. However planned my time is, however pristine my to-do list, the crashing sense of defeat inevitably comes when I realise that the only reason why I plan so meticulously is to avoid doing any actual work. After another frustrating trip to the library, I have come up with the top five reasons why books should be banned. It is an entirely modest proposal. Please peruse it at your leisure.

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Yes, the library is scary. There are actually several libraries within Sydney Uni, and they could probably take over a blog of their own* so I’ve decided to just tackle Fisher for now.

Fisher is the main library at Sydney Uni, and is located near the Quad and front lawns. Things you need to know....

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Ode to Rod

21 Aug

As an Honours student, I have devoted a sizeable chunk of my year to studying in Fisher Library.

I use the computer labs there, I search for books there, I look up journal articles online, and as an added bonus, I am able to order books from other libraries if the Fish doesn't carry them.

This process is called Document Delivery, and today, I'm going to tell you all about the man who runs the DD show: Rod.

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