About Gladys

Third year pharmacy

- I'm a "hey" sort of a person. Not a "hi" or "hello" or "whassup?" or anything else.
- I'm an English purist despite the fact I don't do any sort of English at uni--I like to type with proper punctuation, spelling, grammar and the lot in all situations. So I'm the person who takes 5 minutes to type out an SMS.
- I don't consume caffeine. This is reserved only for very special situations, e.g. if there's no other beverage available and I'm absolutely dying of thirst, or, more recently, just this past exam period (I have never consumed caffeine in an exam period prior to this one, which I'm quite proud of). I mean, with 4 exams in 5 days which cover the three hardest subjects out of four, wouldn't you?
- I'm one of those people who have forgotten how to drive after getting their licence. If you ever see a P plater around gripping the wheel like a learner (and probably driving like one too), chances are it's me. Nothing against learners, in fact I have the utmost respect for them since they're the targets of everything and everyone on the road.

There, I think I've exceeded the minimum "three things about you" quota, so read on and enjoy. Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions, I won't bite :)