About Ghassan (law, 4th year)

Ghassan - composing my own inner-city rhapsody

I came to Sydney Uni as a child of the suburbs. I wanted to be inspired, engaged, entertained and challenged by big city uni life. Whilst I definitely found and loved the big city experience, I also realised that uni can become like a second home. Once you’ve found your circle of friends and a favourite hang out, the big city quickly turns into a friendly, intimate village. I am now one of the village people.

My journey (so far) has included finishing an Arts degree, a 20,000-word honours thesis, moving out of home, performing in a couple of shows with the Musical Theatre Society (MUSE) and even organising events as a student convenor for the Union.

This year I go onto my final years of Law – and plan to continue enjoying the performing arts scene on campus. When I’m not drinking… coffee with friends, sitting in lectures or catching up on some readings, you are likely to catch me tinkering on unused pianos in neglected corners or having a passionate discussion on anything to do with politics, human rights or social reform…