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Having fun at uni


Info Day is a great opportunity to talk to someone before you finalise your course preferences. It's also a great opportunity to have fun. And who doesn't love fun?

The end of school is typically a time of traditions and rites of passages. When I think of my end of high school, I remember a blur of graduations, formals, muck-up days, exams, schoolies and seemingly endless holidays. All these are fun, but without a doubt the most exciting and important summer event on anyone’s calendar should be the University of Sydney Info Day.


zombie group

PHOTO: Jeremy Yao

It starts with a visit to Kmart the night before. Amassing ammunition, preparing for zombies and planning for gun-jams.



Normally university education and fortune-telling don’t go together, but if you’re interested in finding out what studying at Sydney Uni will be like, then you should definitely be coming to Open Day!



Insects, super conductors, latex bouncy balls, Quidditch, food DNA and Game of Thrones... these are just some of the fun hands-on activities that will open your mind at Open Day this Saturday.



Today marks a month exactly since I arrived back in Sydney after an absolutely amazing semester abroad in Glasgow, Scotland. In that time I’ve caught up with everyone I missed so much while I was away, muddled through three weeks of uni, celebrated one of my best friends being accepted into the University College London exchange program next year, and have failed to come to terms with the number of frozen yoghurt places that have invaded Sydney. It’s been a bit of a shock to the system: I still call eggplants aubergines, get confused when my lecturers and tutors introduce themselves by their first name, am tempted to take my umbrella with me when I go out (just in case!), and blush when people talk about thongs. I’ve also cultivated a bit of a tea addiction.



Would you shave your head for charity? I've just lost my locks for my favourite animal causes, but there's less drastic ways to get involved too...



Extreme Theatresports. The one night of the year when the Project 52 comedians turn Hermanns Bar into a mess of honey, silly string and sherbet; and somehow get away with it. The annual event, now in it’s second year, attracted the usual Sydney University comedy crowd and a few extras to fill the room to capacity.

Hosted by Steen Raskopoulos and Michael Hing, the event was a one not to be forgotten.



Image: students, staff and alumni pack birthing kits in the Great Hall, for distribution in Africa.

Many students enter university with the desire to save the world – by no means an easy feat! There are countless issues, from human rights abuses to environmental concerns, and the scale of the challenge can sometimes cause starry-eyed idealism to diminish.

But student life offers some great ways to make a difference...


Student prize winners (from left) Scott, Louise, Andy and Vanessa with ASA president Andrew Hopkins. [Photo: Bryan Gaensler]

The Astronomical Society of Australia’s Annual Scientific Meeting is an opportunity for the Australian astronomical community to gather for a series of talks and meetings about all the great astronomy that has happened, is happening, and is going to happen. It's a fantastic experience for a student, because you gain exposure to diverse and pioneering research taking place as well as having the opportunity to network with students and researchers from all over the country. This year I was also fortunate enough to have the chance to present my work, which was a great honour and thrill!



Exams are over! Time to hit the beach and enjoy the great weather Sydney is having! Or, even better, to jet off to Italy!



Last Tuesday night I won the AMP AMPlify Festival's Bright Sparks Competition. 19 finalists competed for $5000 towards their PhD. And I won. It was such a shock and an honour! So how did anonymous mimes and a Facebook post help me win the cash?



It's Careers Market season again and the University's Student Ambassadors are road-tripping around the country!



Jazz, mobile phones and photography. These seem like three unrelated concepts, but this semester, they will combine in a new way. Find out how you can get involved - and maybe even win a prize...



Yes, it's student election season again. Here are my tips for not being harassed by people in bright t-shirts...



Being a law student at Sydney Uni is not just about avoiding the pretentious people.

I’m a third-year Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law student (although I once told a health science student that I study a Bachelor of Manning Bar, to which they just looked confused). Basically, being a law student means that while I drink coffee all day and make the most of having only 12 hours of classes a week, I get to complain about how hard my life is that I have to carry heavy textbooks around. So why did I choose this degree?



Twelve days, five of the top universities in China: this is the Go8’s Student Leadership in International Cooperation Project 2013.

In Shanghai, we had a one-day visit to Fudan University. We spent the morning getting to know a group of students while touring the main campus to experience, for a brief period of time, student life at Fudan. Our afternoon itinerary consisted of a volleyball game with students – what we didn't know was that we'd be playing the Fudan men’s volleyball team, the number one men’s university team in China. They were very kind to us though – a group of PhD candidates, most of who had not played volleyball since high school!

Read more about Erin's trip.


I’m Megan. I’m a third-year Commerce (Liberal Studies) student and intern at IBM and I enjoy living life at an unsustainable pace. I micromanage to do lists, I’m a coffee aficionado and I’m strongly opposed to grammatical incorrectness.



One of the few places on campus to receive a facelift this year is the Tech Lounge, offspring of Microsoft and our university. Gone is the obtrusive wall divider, which frees the space considerably. Populating the lounge are brand new gizmos for all to use. My thoughts below:



Youth – it’s that time between being a child and an adult. And, as a generation told both to “act our age” and to “never grow old” it’s a little hard to work out who we’re supposed to be or how we’re meant to act at any time. This week, however, is National Youth Week. A time for those aged 15-24 to reflect on the power of this odd period between the freedom of childhood and the responsibilities of a mortgage.



Week Four: the time when you start to think perhaps this whole Uni thing isn’t for you. You have a weird tutor that trails off at the end of her sentences, you can never keep up in lectures and you don’t really understand this whole ‘eLearning’ thing people keep talking about.

It seems at this point – whether you’re completely behind on readings, struggling to understand the basic concepts of your subjects, or haven’t made a single friend – that a lot of students just jump ship entirely.

But that's not the only solution. The HECS Census date is this Sunday, 31 March – your last chance to withdraw from subjects you no longer wish to take without attracting fees or fail marks on your academic record.

Here’s some ways to make this deadline work for you…

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Starting University is a pretty damn exciting time in one’s life. For me it was such a mix of emotions. I cried at enrolment and nearly exploded with excitement at 0-Week. At the time, I had spent a year off from study, travelling and working so I was very ready to learn.

If I could go back and tell 19-year-old me a few things, what would I say?

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Walking through uni the other day I saw people setting up a multitude of stalls along Eastern Avenue. A giddy sense of excitement welled up inside of me as I braced myself for the fun ball of happiness that’s about to explode on campus: O-Week!

Speed dating in Manning Bar isn't the only way to meet new people during O-Week; you can also get an Access card and join a million clubs and societies. But what exactly are clubs and societies?


transposition of spacesmaller.png

(Left: Victoria Baldwin and Christopher Hay mid-performance, Right: Esther Rolfe, student volunteer at the gallery Photos: Esther Rolfe)

As a student at Sydney University, I’ve had a lot of wonderful opportunities thrown at me. Whether it is space and money to rehearse and put on a comedy show, or exhibit some photographs, there just seems to be endless opportunities for students to express themselves.

Over the summer, classes take a break and Uni students kick back, relax, travel or get creative. I’ve been working fulltime over the summer and working on some challenging creative projects to make sure I don’t go insane.



Working in the Uni's Learning Hubs, I still find students playing around with the whiteboards. The blank, uncomplicated canvases beckoning to be scribed on. You’d be surprised at what people get off their chest every time they walk by one. Perhaps it’s the anonymity or the guaranteed eyeballs on any given day. So how did all this whiteboard creativity start?



When someone asks you what you love about going to Sydney Uni, it’s pretty easy to come up with an answer. I mean, there’s the picturesque campus, the vibrant student life, the lecturers (a.k.a. some of the best academics in their field), and so the list goes on.

But I’d like you to forget all that.

From now on, there’s only one answer you need to give when someone asks you what’s so great about going to Sydney Uni.

On sale tomorrow, November 1st, is the first ever Sydney edition of Monopoly, and the only University to feature on the board is – you guessed it – the University of Sydney.

Forget the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge – they didn’t make the cut. But you could be purchasing Sydney University at a bargain price and be setting up your little houses all over campus before you know it.

Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour hold the prime spots on the board, while other locations to feature include Manly Beach, Centennial Park, Kings Cross, and Taronga Zoo.

You can score a $100 prize for the best Mardigras float from the community chest, or cop a $15 fine from the chance cards for travelling in the T3 lane of the Spit Bridge.

Considering that there were only 22 locations up for grabs and they were all nominated and voted for by the public, a position on the board is nothing to sneeze at. Put it this way, you know you go to a pretty neat University if it scored a place on the Monopoly board.


(Left: Team Johnson & Friends receiving 5/5 for their performance. Right: 'best new improviser' Rubee McManus)

Thursday 25 October was the culmination of months of improvisational practice and wit, coming together to produce the Sydney University Theatresports grand final. It was an epic night. Manning bar was packed out an hour early and the bar was running low on jugs and glasses. If those two factors were anything to go by, it can be deemed an instant success, yet the actual content of the night far exceeded this initial hint of greatness.

For the past two months, the lovely Bridie Connell and prolific Tom Walker have been hosting weekly Theatresports competitions between 12 teams. It was fierce. Apparently there are a lot of funny people at Usyd. Funny people that can be funny on the spot.

The night saw a furious comedic battle between the 6 qualifying teams; Choose Your Own Adventure Time, Fireman Spam, Doppelgangers of New York, Johnson & Friends, First World Solutions and S Club 3.

Teams were easily distinguished by elaborate costumes, which also provided comedic relief when they malfunctioned.



2012 Verge Festival directors, history and music student Lauren Eisinger and physics and literature student James Colley, did a quick Q&A for us about their work:

This is the 10th Verge Festival. Any stats or facts & figures about why this will be the biggest and best?

This Festival will probably be the biggest yet, however we have to say that this is because we have been able to stand on the shoulders of giants. The University of Sydney Union – who are responsible for the funding and execution of Verge Festival – along with the people who work there, have tirelessly supported our crazy and almost impossible ideas with such passion and energy. Nothing has been too hard or too much effort. We have been so privileged to be able to talk with previous directors and adapt elements of past festivals so they can form the basis of wonderful events in this Verge Festival.

This year Verge is much more visual. We have taken the festival Tent of years past, given it steroids and evolved it into a 15m-diameter geodesic dome that stands 7.5m high. We put this up on the Front Lawns next to the iconic Quadrangle where it cannot be missed, so Verge has instantly taken a higher profile within the university.

We have sold out three major events prior to the start of the festival. We are hosting the Australian premiere performance of The Magical Music of Disney, a symphonic concert of Disney classics accompanied by the animated film footage played on a big screen.

Humans vs. Zombies, a giant Nerf battle of apocalyptic proportions, will be played on campus for the first time and sold out in less than an hour. This festival has more than 33 hours of comedy, 30 hours of music performances, two circus shows, an artwork that was displayed in Vivid Festival, 25 hours of theatre and hundreds of ways to get involved. From drawing on the ground to entering a slow bike race (the winner is the one who comes last) we can honestly say there is something in this festival for everyone.

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Verge Festival is in full swing. Opening Night last night (with the help of some beautifully warm weather) went off with a bang! The Halloween themed opening party was host to many bands making wonderfully loud noises, some SURCAS kids twirling fire and even a tiny dog that wandered about in the Verge Dome who was quite open to affection from strangers!

I was lucky enough to be part of a piece of Headphone Verbatim Theatre called “A Tree Ascending” that opened last night. This piece is inspired by the light installation, “Palettes of Urban Green” on the Law Lawns (you may recognise it from the Sydney Vivid Festival).

The piece was devised by a group of student performers, who are all from the Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS). It is centred on the theme of sacrifice.

Headphone Verbatim is a contemporary performance technique where interviews are recorded with audio devices; the audio is then edited and played back through an IPod into the performer’s ears. The performer then repeats the words they hear, a moment after them, attempting to tease out the nuance in the interviewee’s voice.

The piece works as a guided tour. It begins on the Cellar Lawns (home of SUDS) and small groups of audience (of 3 or 4) are guided on foot through the most beautiful parts of the University, whilst listening to the performers recount these interviews.

These are intimate performances, with interviews of real people speaking honestly and profoundly on the subject of sacrifice.

There are only two nights left of this show, so if you would like to come, check out the Facebook eventand prepare yourself for a night of insightful entertainment.

So, the Verge Festival came and passed and I have to say it has been the most fun I’ve had at uni. Ever.

It all kicked off for me with Manning Turns Ten. Multiple awesome bands played, but I attended this party especially for these amazing people who call themselves Cloud Control. Oh, and did I mention, Bluejuice were there to help cut the cake?


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On Wednesday 21 April, there was a Silent Disco on Eastern Avenue!

The Silent Disco on Campus was an initiative of Roslyn Russell, who is this year's Director of Campus Culture at the University of Sydney Union.

It's a student position, and basically her role is to find ways to make campus fun and interesting and different.

This is the first year of the Campus Culture portfolio at the Union, and it's been BRILLIANT so far. I wonder what the future will bring... and I wonder if you, dear reader, will be our Director of Campus Culture a few years down the track!


The 5th of January was Sydney University's Info Day!
Info Day allowed prospective students opportunities to get individual acedemic advice, go to a mini-lecture on campus, take a campus tour, see student performaces and get last minute information before finalising their UAC preferences.
This year, visitors to Info Day were given complimentry fans.
"I'm a Fan" was a total hit as many students embraced the many opportunities of being a fan of Sydney University!
Are you a fan?

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Sydney Uni in the Dust.jpg
Sydney Uni in the Dust - September 2009

Apart from being one of the more photogenic universities in Australia, I thought that I would list a few reasons as to why I love Sydney Uni. This isn't a glossy puff-piece, and one of the good things about this blog is that I know that I can talk about when I'm having a tough time with Uni - this is just a list of why I love Sydney Uni; these are reasons that reaffirm why I've chosen to study here, and these are qualities of the university that I also believe are important to protect.

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When one attends University in a building strongly resembling a castle replete with dungeon rooms on every floor (more than any other Conservatorium in Australia, I am informed), one expects weird and wonderful things to happen with alarming frequency. Perhaps it is this perpetuated expectation that leads all the weird and not-so wonderful things that occur to go by either completely unnoticed or else linked to fiercely outrageous conspiracy theories.

The most recent of these occurred last week, when, much like the poor puppet pals in that infamous YouTube video , my leisurely practice-room patrol was disturbed by a mysterious and relentless noise. Not a ticking per se, but a beeping. Was this some kind of ‘tell-tale heart’ reference for the electronic generation? A carelessly abandoned metronome? Just like any Hogwarts-schooled super-sleuth would do, I followed the sound, keeping an ear to the wall…

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This is one of my favourite times of the year on campus. Why? The Verge Arts Festival, that's why.

Verge is the University of Sydney Union’s annual arts festival held in the first two weeks of September. Initiated by the University of Sydney Union and now in its eighth successive year, the festival brings hundreds of artists, thousands of students and millions of ideas together to showcase a diverse range of music, visual art, stage, film, and discussion. Verge seeks to unite the university’s numerous cultural and artistic groups, and foster bonds of creative collaboration.


Here is a typical example of how a semester might run for me. All the things below are true, although none of them were really expected or planned.


First week back, done and dusted. Semester 2 is a little different from Semester 1 - for the most part, you know your way around and you know where to get a mean Italian hot chocolate on campus (see: Ralph's). Semester 2 doesn't, at first, seem have a lot of the perks Semester 1 has - summer, O-Week, the thrill of something new in a new year... However I have already found Semester 2 to be just as awesome, if not even MORE AWESOME than Semester 1. It is already JAM-PACKED with activities, however I think playing a game of chess against the Chess Society's Grandmaster Chess Player (while he was playing four other people at the same time) may have had something to do with my first week being so awesome.

grandmaster chess.JPG
THE GRANDMASTER (left) ponders his next move. OTHER PLAYERS (right) are concerned for their health. BEETLEJUICE (back) looks on in the distance, approvingly.

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Apologies for the lack of entries! Things became rather busy. Let me explain.

I took four subjects last semester because I want to finish my undergraduate degree this year (so I can do any of a few things that I have planned, including - fix up some health problems, travel to London, move to Melbourne, get a full time job, etc.) As a consequence of this decision, I was busy. Very busy. I chose subjects that required a lot of reading and even more thought - third year English subjects especially, and pre-Honours subjects. If you are looking to do honours make sure you find out what is required from the faculty or department that you are studying under. You probably need to complete the requirements for a major and a bit more, and possibly take some specific subjects that teach you about research or other things necessary for an honours degree.

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I recently asked a friend why they went to the gym, and he replied that he liked to "stay in shape". The most interesting thing about this is that no one really goes to the gym to stay in shape at all, they go to lose weight, or put on muscle and gain weight. Really, if you're staying in shape you should be working a bit harder. But I digress. The point really, is that if you want to go to the gym, Sydney Uni has you covered.

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At the moment I live in a world of chalk dust and footpath art. It is a lovely yet hectic land which I like to think I stroll through with the air of a flâneur, enjoying the smell of fresh paint in the Graffiti Tunnel and watching piles of printed propaganda float by in the breeze.

Oh yes, it is Union election time again.

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In the vast expansive ocean of the Sydney CBD, it’s easy to get lost amongst the sharks, mullets and gropers. The good ship Sydney Con is anchored smack bang in the middle, leaving its crew to explore the surrounding seas. The dangers* are great, but the rewards to be reaped** far outweigh any risks involved in our exploration. Listen closely, young ones, as Captain Liisa imparts integral information about Circular Quay’s hidden treasure and how to reach it safely…

* mainly involving dangerous flying fish and diseased carcasses
** namely, the general quaffing and merry-making that takes place in an enchanted oasis

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“Hey beautiful…the back door’s open”, a mobile phone and a slip of the thumb was all it took to land Warnie back in the boiler with Simone. The next minute, the story’s been sold to tabloids and we once again hear of the exploits of one amorous thumb that possibly finds more pleasure in pushing the wrong buttons than doing anything else. But the problem of the messaging slip, like the Freudian slip or any other slip, strikes us mere mortals too. We, like the lusty gods of the media spectacle, need to flounder in our own pool of humiliation at times.


All grown up

12 May

Walking to Circular Quay from Uni on Friday, I was distracted by a toddler waiting at the traffic lights. She was a pretty average toddler – blonde, small, and had just calmly pulled her skirt down around her ankles. When the lights changed to green, she casually pulled her skirt back up before taking her mum’s hand to cross the road.
“What are you doing?” mum had only just noticed her daughters' state of undress.
“Straightening my undies,” replied the girl. No further explanation required.

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My diary is already full of dates but not for assignments. The start of uni for another year has meant a jam-packed social schedule once again. The year started with the Sydney University Law Society's "Salsa by Sunset" welcome back drinks...

Cruise bar

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I’ve never been to a Beachball. So I’m sure as hell gonna be there this Thursday!


Okay, bad title. And okay, it’s not from a song.

But I just saw the O-week timetable and I am SOOOO pumped.

Here are my personal picks:

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February is a very gay month in Sydney. It is Mardi Gras season again, which features a month-long festival of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer cultures in Sydney. And this year, Mardi Gras Festival sprinkles its rainbow glitter all over Sydney University...

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When Cinderella lost her glass shoe at the ball, did anyone notice the size of her heels on the shoe? She danced so elegantly the whole night that she couldn't possibly have worn high heels. I should have learned from Cinderella. The charity ball that I attended on the weekend saw me wearing some new lovely high heels which may I say looked rather suave. But my feet would argue otherwise. There is no point in wearing high heels if you can't glide across the dance floor, and then later walk to hail a taxi.


I'm slightly hungover - mainly with glee and Christmas cheer - after hosting an awesome party at our sharehouse last night. I've been perfecting the art of the uni student party for four years, and last night went off like a dream.

1 crowd of diverse uni types
1 inclusive, raucous, topical theme – left open to interpretation
4 distinctly created party space areas
4 or 5 key talking points
2 culinary surprises
Choose-your-own-music stack of CDs near a CD player
200 fairy lights, give or take
4 hosts in creative costumes

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(an acute hangover-related illness, often involving headaches and vomiting. In some cases memory loss will occur, though most common symptoms are lethargy and inability to concentrate or compose any form of recognisable speech.

It doesn’t bite, it doesn’t sting, and it won’t swell up the next day, but symptoms of BN are still quite easily detectable.)

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I had a blast yesterday performing for a few hundred people at a family show at Marrickville. What did I do? I bellydanced.

“I didn’t know men bellydanced”, is the response I often get. The short answer is they usually don’t, which is why I do it.

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It’s over. Or if it’s not, it’ll be over soon. For me, it’s over. That’s right comrades, we’ve climbed the hurdle. You’ve made it through the HSC, and I’ve made it through my first year of uni. It’s been one helluva ride. When I look back on what I wrote when I finished first semester, The Prodigal Returns, I don’t think there is much more advice I can give you. But maybe I can give you a few pointers or thoughts you can mull over or consider when you start uni.


Boredom and procrastination on a Saturday afternoon leads Cath and her posse of fun-loving adventure trippers into the wilderness of a Vet Party At Camden.

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After three weeks of great events, the Verge Arts Festival comes to a close.

With faculty reviews, concerts, exhibitions, awards, radio broadcasting and a screening of Harry Potter in the main quad, Verge has become an unmissable event in the student calendar.


On Thursday the 7th of September, officially the best night I've had in Sydney yet, four unassuming kids from the Blue Mountains (including one of my best friends) took out the Band Comp final held at Manning, leaving with $2500 in prize money and a legion of new fans (or "Cloud Converts" as they're becoming known). Following in the footsteps of Band Comp big names such as The Vines, Youth Group, Frenzal Rhomb and Tim Freedman (think the Whitlams), Cloud Control is making quite a name for themselves in the local indie/powerpop scene, racking up considerable airtime on FBI radio and lining up gigs like they're going out of fashion...

Cloud Control L-R: Heidi Lenffer on piano, Ulrich Lenffer on drums, Al Wright on guitar and Jeremy Kelshaw on bass.


After a miserable week in Sydney (I'm still unsure of how Wednesday's downpour came about - stop teasing us with this erratic weather: can I wear my spring skirts or should I stick to jeans????), full of studying (for me, at least) and complete media saturation about one person (which in my opinion, disproportionately overshadowed everything else), it was refreshing to witness the 2006 Law Revue. Finally, someone was ready to stop being so serious and take the piss out of...everything.

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Sydney Uni LIVE! A fun filled day of frollicking amongst the sandstone. It's actually the only day of the year where I don't feel a twinge of guilt walking on the grass in the Main Quad. Then again, I am mildly obsessive compulsive.

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For those of you who are regular readers, you might remember a blog entitled 'Am I an idiot?’ I now have a definitive answer: YES!!!

Last Friday morning I was amongst 1784 people who undertook the challenge of walking 100km for charity. Sadly, 20% of them did not complete the challenge for various reasons. It was without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It is so difficult to describe the physical and mental pain that I was experiencing. Give me 6 exams in 5 days any time!!

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To kick off the new semester, we all donned our quiffs and legwarmers, our tacky jewelry and meshy gloves, to attend the 80s party. This is my friend and I having a good old chat to closed doors of the new coffee shop outside manning:


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You meet a lot of new people at uni. A lot. There are so many opportunities to make friends and you may hear this from many of us bloggers. Simon’s post on it is interesting, though I have to say he may be denying himself some opportunities when he rejects outing invitations claiming he’s already scheduled to do work. Homework. On a Monday night. In Week 3. Scheduled.

Nevertheless, to help you begin to understand the vast number of people you meet, get to know, and see, on a regular basis or not, I’ve developed a hierarchy. Here goes...

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Magical place –
Where gothic towers
Superimpose city skylines;
Minds are formed,
Lives shaped.

As bells beckon
From monolithic structures,
So do young hearts.

Timid faces,
Eager anticipation,
Burgeoning curiosity.

Across the room sat a boy…

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Whooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty much sums it up.


Remember when you were a little child and easter came around, when you were all excited and all you thought about was the easter bunny ( or mum and dad) bringing lots of yummy chocolate easter eggs that you could never possibly consume all of them ( and which co-insidently still sat there for months on end..) Well when I think about easter I don't think about chocolates, I think about the Easter Show!

And I'll tell you why...

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For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning students on campus, the past week has been a memorable one. The University of Sydney Union's Queer Convenors hosted the annual Pride Festival, celebrating sexual and gender diversity on campus.

I am always amazed by the incredible sense of community that can be found on campus. However, there are fewer close-knit communities than the queer student community. Pride Festival represents a showcase of that community spirit and gives hope for a more accepting and tolerant world.

My Life, My Pride (Small).jpg
Above: "My Life, My Pride". The mural I painted in the Graffiti Tunnel during this year's Pride Festival

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Dr Condoleeza Rice, the first African-American female US Secretary of State, is a facinating public person and an enigma to most. I've heard her referred to as "The Most Powerful Woman in the World", "The Neo-Wicked Witch of the West" and "The Right-Wing Oprah". See what happened when she came to speak to 300 students at Sydney University's Conservatorium of Music...

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Travel is grand, so why not travel and study while overseas? Here is the low down on exchange

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Someone once told me that you know you are truly great friends with someone if you can enjoy each other’s silence. While this may be true, I find that I am truly great friends with someone if we share a passion for food! My friend Camilla and I love icecream; my friend Bec and I will traverse Sydney for the best banana bread and my friend Kash and I are the unofficial (and self-appointed) Presidents of the Ogalo’s Fan Club.

Being at uni has only exposed me to new friends, and thus, new food. One of my favourite things to do at uni, to take a break from studying, is to explore the eat streets of Sydney and have some fab food! And since Brendon has regaled you with tales of his UAI chart busters (and also because my dream job is to write for Gourmet Traveller) here is my guide to the best food in and around campus.

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I am unashamedly in love with this place. I can often be seen wearing my fashionable pink Sydney Uni hoodie on a cold day, or even a bloody hot one. I attempt to convince people to enrol - even my Mum, who has a full-time job and no desire to go back to uni. A lot of you are probably wondering which uni to go to - it's a tough choice, I know. So I'm going to make it a little easier, by letting you in on the best things about Sydney Uni.

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Live bands on campus keep you rockin' during your holidays!

Manning Bar on the University's main campus has some great acts. Last
tuesday saw punk ska band Less than Jake take the main stage and they rocked
the packed out venue. One of the best reasons to head along to the Union owned
bar is the subsidised prices for Union members! Thank you USU!

Next year is going to be a huge year for live acts at Syney Uni so get excited!
Some of the most exciting local bands got their first gigs in Sydney uni so the
band competitions are a must see.


Lots of people have said to me school days are the best days of your life, I tend to think of these people as the ones who didn’t go to Uni. Getting the most out of it is up to you, but follow this little recipe, and you’ll be cooking with fire!

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