About Jessica (media and communications, 3rd year)

Jess (also answers to Jessica, Jessie, Jessa, Jesso) (first discovered on Earth in the early 1600s in some remote mountains in a desert somewhere).

I am a Jess.
Jess’s are creatures that used to live deep underground*, but recently ventured to the surface in a bid to take over the world.
Although this bid may appear to have been unsuccessful so far, just wait until the year 2020 - we won’t be talking about Rudd’s visions, oh no: we’ll be talking about Jess. Don’t believe me? Well let me tell you that there is a reason a very big number of people continue to arrive in the world with the name tag ‘Jessica’. Yes, that’s right - it is not chance but all part of our brilliant plan.
However, let’s move on to the specific details of Jess: this particular Jess lives in a cosy little bedroom (and when using the word cosy in the midst of a rental crisis, be certain that it really does mean COSY!) in a cosier terrace with lots of floating scarves and one hanging lantern and a friendly Daddy-Long-Legs to remind Jess of her underground origins.
Some people also think that Jess has eyes which change from brown to green and back again - a certain sign that she is probably not a creature to be trusted.
If you were to look inside her handbag you would find a month’s supply of tissues (because she’s always sneezing), at least three notebooks filled with pages and pages of lists and story ideas, and glasses, because her eyes never quite adjusted to the above-ground light.
At the moment, this Jess is a student. Obviously. But it is important that you know she loves being a student very much. When she’s finished with student-ing, she wants to be a journalist, but more generally a writer. She also likes making things such as paper cranes and zines. She is trying desperately to learn French and if she can’t be a journalist she wants to work in the field of International Relations.
After Sydney, she wants to live in Casablanca, then Tokyo, then New York, then Rio de Janeiro, then Paris and who knows where after that. Like most other Jess’s, she almost never stays focussed on anything for more than two minutes. Furthermore, this post has made her realise that she has no idea as to how she should form the plural of her name correctly - how shocking!
Jess’s are still a fairly awkward and sometimes shy species, so the best way for you to find out about this example of the Jess and her little world is to try and make some sense of it all from her posts here, on Sydney Life! ...And as you read, calmly appreciate the fact that she is slowly indoctrinating you into a planet where the Jess’s from deep underground are taking over!

*if you don’t believe me, then go and listen to Jackson Jackson. If Harry Angus says it’s true, it absolutely must be, according to common Jess law.