About John LeMerle

First Year Biomedical Engineering/Medical Science

This blog is a blog about John. Be nice to him. Over the course of this year, prepare to be amazed and astounded by the witty discourse he releases regularly onto the net. If you're really lucky, you may even discover some incredibly useful facts about, University, Life, and All That Important Stuff. This biography will be expanded- for now:

Likes: Food, Girls, Ninjas, Anime, 3D Design, Sci-Fi Fantasy Novels, Writing, Boxing, Running, Dressing Up, Picnics, thrillers, any music that comes from Japan or Scandinavia. Tutoring HSC students in English- exactly what an Engo student should be doing.

Dislikes: The smell of cauliflower. People that have less than half his amount of timetabled hours for the week (half of 30). People who laugh when they find out he has 30 hours a week. People that, upon hearing his time commitments, say things like 'OOOOOH harsh! i'm off to my lecture on underwater basket weaving!' People who support any sort of politician, be they running for the Union or Australia.

Fears: Feminists. Deadlines.

Excels at: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Writing Fiction. Being a Ninja.