About Jenny (Arts/Science, 2nd year)

There is no cake too sweet to eat.

It's just Jenny. Not Jennie, Jenni, or even Jennifer. Actually NEVER call me JENNIFER. Reminds me of my yr 12 English teacher.

I don't dislike anything. I like to think I like to like everything, so therefore I don't don't like anything. If you know what I'm talking about you must be as obscure as I am. Just discretely.

I am studying a degree in Usyd... I'm not certain what I'm doing yet, but for me the only certainty is my options are very open. I could be anywhere in the world in one year. That's the beauty of my life.

However, I can indulge in some information about myself:

* I have a cat
* I will argue with anyone who thinks the UN is ineffective
* I like to micro-manage my life
* I am addicted to NCIS - Gibbs!
* I have two diaries
* I prefer pants over skirts
* My ideal way to spend a day is to do nothing at all

And...please NEVER use a Forrest Gump voice to call my name. It's you, not me, that sounds weird.

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