About Jack Wall

Arts 1st year

Born at a young age to some old people, Jack demonstrated an uncanny ability from day one to write "About me" sections on the internet. After brief stints writing for that “Who Am I?” question for Sale of the Century and for Allen's Fantales, by two Jack decided it was time for bigger, better and less annoyingly chewy things. He dreamt of one day writing for the famed Sydney Life Blog, a blog which had launched the careers of those like fabled Chuck Parker, the first person ever to write “I dunno” in his “About” section, when it was clear to all that he did, in fact, know.

Jack admired people like Chuck, whose brazen disinclination to reveal personal information to a mass audience shocked and intrigued many. Jack had heard fantastical stories of site visitors who had accidentally clicked on a blog author’s name and by some miracle had stayed long enough to read a few lines, never to return again. Jack decided to aim higher. He not only wished for people to read his “About” section, he wanted them to return. He wanted them to actually read his blogs. He wanted comments, opinions, genuine interest and even to create a sense of excitement about University.

Many said it was impossible. “They have better things to do!” they cried.
“No-one reads these things!!” they roared. “You can’t put two exclamation points in a row; it’s grammatically incorrect!” they shrieked.

Jack did not listen.

Jack knew that Interesting topic + Useful information + Humour + Replying to user comments + the occasional picture or video = Success.
And this from a young man who’d dropped Maths in Year 10.

It all looked fine on paper, but could he deliver?

We shall see.