About Martin Seneviratne (Science Exchange)

Science Exchange

Hi! I'm a 2nd year science student on exchange at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). I study a mixture of maths, biology, physics and neuroscience, and I'm planning to major in the last two when I come back to Sydney. A little background: I was born and went to school in Sydney, but my parents are a rather strange mix. My dad is Sri Lankan (hence the 5 syllable name) and my mum is Danish. So far, I haven't met any other Srilanko-Danes (except for my brother)...but the search continues.

I like playing squash and soccer, although I've never really shown any flare. I'm a 'scrambler' - I run and dive as much as I can, making up for my lack of skill with my lack of concern about injury. So far, not too many broken bones though - I'm told I fall well. On an entirely different note, I like CS Lewis and I'm a big fan of Seinfeld and Arrested Development. Generally, I try to experiment with all sorts of activities - the quirkier the better really. I sing in the Madrigal Society, am part of a culinary society called the Lampada Gourmand, and I helped out a bit with the Sydney African Film Festival this year (buy tickets! - it starts 26 September...unfortunately I had to leave before).

In the future, I think I'd like to continue on into research, but there was a stage (which is still sort of going on) where I was eager to write for a travel guide of some sort. So I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to vent my musings and worries onto you unsuspecting netizens (learnt that word the other day - sort of a citizen of the internet as far as I understand). And please, just to give some respite from my blabberings, feel free to post any comments or questions.