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“The minute you read something that you can't understand, you can almost be sure that it was drawn up by a lawyer.” - Will Rogers

The intention of my installation for Open day is to shed light on law as an integral part of our domestic and international character and as so much more than leather bound books and funny looking wigs. The law is a tool integral to our everyday lives. It is responsible for so many amazing developments on a large and small scale. I get to travel and see the wonders of different nooks and crannies of this amazing world we live in… because of legal relationships.



Info Day is a great opportunity to talk to someone before you finalise your course preferences. It's also a great opportunity to have fun. And who doesn't love fun?

The end of school is typically a time of traditions and rites of passages. When I think of my end of high school, I remember a blur of graduations, formals, muck-up days, exams, schoolies and seemingly endless holidays. All these are fun, but without a doubt the most exciting and important summer event on anyone’s calendar should be the University of Sydney Info Day.



Normally university education and fortune-telling don’t go together, but if you’re interested in finding out what studying at Sydney Uni will be like, then you should definitely be coming to Open Day!



Whether you want to cultivate a career in criminology or Chinese relations, or have aspirations in art curation or architecture, the Postgrad Expo this Saturday 31 August is the place to start.



Insects, super conductors, latex bouncy balls, Quidditch, food DNA and Game of Thrones... these are just some of the fun hands-on activities that will open your mind at Open Day this Saturday.



Making the decision to go to university is difficult enough, let alone deciding which one to go to. So why did I choose Sydney Uni? Come to Open Day this Saturday 31 August and see for yourself!



Thinking about studying at Sydney, but not sure if you'll get a high enough ATAR for your chosen course? Come to our Revesby event to find your path to Sydney...



Let me just start by saying thanks to everyone that came, and I hope you found it worthwhile and useful. Most importantly I hope you enjoyed yourself. But for those who missed out, this Pick-A-Path will simulate the day and be almost as fun:


1 – Modes of arrival. Pick an option:
.....You decide to catch the train to central and hop on a free shuttle bus (GO TO SECTION 2)
.....You drive and park on or around campus, or walk from another bus stop (GO TO SECTION 3)
.....You walk from Redfern station (GO TO SECTION 4)

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Okay, so I might have lied about the “musical” bit, but LIVE! – Sydney University’s Open Day is definitely something for you. As it is coming up on Saturday, I thought I might give it a bit of blogspace… After all, it is a great way to check out Sydney Uni and what it’s all about before you have to put your preferences into UAC.

Those of you who frequent the world of Paramatta Road, City Road and the Sydney Uni Live! Website, I’d just like to point out that the girl in the picture is me. Yes, I am holding a giant megaphone. Yes, it is real. Indeed, I would like to clarify for those of you playing at home that I am indeed surrounded by swirls of knowledge (golden swirls of knowledge, might I add) on a daily basis. It is a part of the magical experience of attending Hogwarts Sydney University. Information, accio!


Hi guys. You know what’s more useful than this blog? Going to a careers market!!

How friendly do we look? Armidale Careers Market 2008.

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With less than two months till the completion of my degree (arggghhh!) my mind is awash with decisions, choices & opportunities. This is one of those crucial turning points where your life changes forever. And if you are sitting at your desk procrastinating from study in post-trial exhaustion, then your position is not all that different from mine!

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Even with the temperamental weather that’s plaguing Sydney this week, nothing can dampen the spirits for Sydney Uni LIVE! on Saturday because we won’t let it and because sandstone’s just as sexy, if not sexier, in pseudo-British rain. If worst comes to worst, we still have incalculable numbers of plastic ponchos for the fashion conscious, or so I hear.

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Sydney Uni LIVE! A fun filled day of frollicking amongst the sandstone. It's actually the only day of the year where I don't feel a twinge of guilt walking on the grass in the Main Quad. Then again, I am mildly obsessive compulsive.

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Just a reminder to everyone out there: IT’S THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Come along to Sydney Uni Camperdown (main) campus from 9.30 - 4 this saturday the 26th of August so it can be absolutely cemented into your brain that this is the #1 Uni of choice!


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