About Peter (civil engineering and commerce, 3rd year)

Sandstone is my favourite construction material.

It has always been a struggle for me to write these 'about you' things. Should I describe myself in third person, or would I sound like a nut case? But being an engineering student, we like to see things objectively. So third person is clearly the logical choice. Although most people, including myself, do not operate on logic...

SO, my name is Peter, and I study Structural Engineering. I also major in Economics for my Commerce degree because

  1. I couldn't make up my mind which of the two I should do

  2. Two is always better than one, especially both involve intense problem solving, which I enjoy.

  3. I do stick loosely to the Engineering stereotype. I prefer order to chaos, and I have the tendency to overanalyse. And it is true. We love numbers. Things are so much easier analyse when they are quantified!

    Here are THREE points that I think would highlight my personality:

    • I am a morning person, and unless I stayed up late for some particular reason, I don't usually sleep in to the ungodly late hours of 8:30am. That's just a waste of time.
    • I love art. I help to run the Fine Arts Society at uni, which gives me the opportunity, instead of drawing diagrams of concrete columns and steel beam cross-sections, to engage artistic investigation in more fluid forms, such as that of the face, or the body. And I love Sydney Uni for the fact that I can do this outside concrete stress and strain, which pretty much sums up my course.
    • “Scrubs” is the best show, ever. I identify closely to two of the characters. I’ll put out a challenge for you to guess which two.

    I hope you’ll enjoy reading all the blogs on Sydney Life. Feel free to ask me anything about university and the awesome life that it entails, for the ride is as challenging as it is rewarding.