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Special entry schemes


Whether you want to cultivate a career in criminology or Chinese relations, or have aspirations in art curation or architecture, the Postgrad Expo this Saturday 31 August is the place to start.



Dear Sydney University,

I would like to receive a scholarship because it has always been my dream to attend Hogwarts. After being terribly disappointed in not receiving my Hogwarts acceptance letter when I was 11 years old (I’m sure they made a mistake!), I have now decided that my next best option is to attend Sydney University. This is a why I deserve a scholarship.

I hope I can bring my owl to class.*

(* My sources inform me that this letter may or may not be an actual scholarship application received by the university.)


My sources inform me that the scholarship money may or may not be secretly guarded by dragons in a vault beneath the Bank Building.

What type of ships are worth a total of $65 million, don't not sail on water but will help you immensely to navigate through the high seas of higher education?



Thinking about studying at Sydney, but not sure if you'll get a high enough ATAR for your chosen course? Come to our Revesby event to find your path to Sydney...



I’m Megan. I’m a third-year Commerce (Liberal Studies) student and intern at IBM and I enjoy living life at an unsustainable pace. I micromanage to do lists, I’m a coffee aficionado and I’m strongly opposed to grammatical incorrectness.



The HSC is rough enough as it is without the added worry about whether you’ll get into Uni afterwards. But now, thanks to the University of Sydney’s Early Offer Year 12 Scheme (or E12), you could get an early conditional offer to study at Sydney University before you even put pen to exam booklet in your first HSC exam.

That’s right. You could be sitting down to an intense two hours of English Paper 1, with the comfort of knowing that you already have a place specially reserved just for you at Sydney University. Not to mention the $5000 scholarship, Apple iPad, and ongoing mentoring and support that will come with it.

How cool is that?

All you have to do is meet the E12 ATAR cut offs for the course of your choice. And there are loads to choose from. Think, the Sciences, Education, Engineering, and even the Creative Arts. That’s right – it’s not all Maths and Science at University. Budding young artists are welcome too.

So, if you’re a current Year 12 student planning to enrol in Uni in Semester 1, 2013, and you’re either attending an E12 eligible school, or are a Centrelink benefit recipient, you can apply.

E12 applications are due by 5pm on the 6 September, 2012, and UAC applications by midnight on 28 September, 2012. The best way to find out more is to come along to the University of Sydney’s Open Day on Saturday 25 August, where you can chat with staff and course coordinators to your heart’s content.

Visit the E12 website.


Apologies for the lack of entries! Things became rather busy. Let me explain.

I took four subjects last semester because I want to finish my undergraduate degree this year (so I can do any of a few things that I have planned, including - fix up some health problems, travel to London, move to Melbourne, get a full time job, etc.) As a consequence of this decision, I was busy. Very busy. I chose subjects that required a lot of reading and even more thought - third year English subjects especially, and pre-Honours subjects. If you are looking to do honours make sure you find out what is required from the faculty or department that you are studying under. You probably need to complete the requirements for a major and a bit more, and possibly take some specific subjects that teach you about research or other things necessary for an honours degree.

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I remember the day when I found my UAI. My mum woke me up really early and stood behind me as I tried to log into the website. When finally my UAI came up – everyone else seemed happy except for me! I did really well, but when your UAI goal is the cut off for Combined Law at USYD (99.55 last year!) you can imagine my disappointment when I got close, yet not close enough.

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