About Victoria Baldwin

Second year Arts student

I am a a twenty-nothing Arts Student who has an affinity for most things.

I will force myself to like pretty much anything for the sake of being polite and avoiding conflict. Pretty much anything except for heavy metal music. That stuff makes me panicky and makes me feel like I have to break something. Or someone. Neither of which I am willing to do, if we're being honest.

I am a double major student. English and Performance Studies to be precise. Which of course means that I am categorically an extrovert. I like to perform, whether it's doing accents, singing loudly or recounting stories in humorous ways. In general I can be pretty annoying to the untrained eye, but to the experienced and knowing mind, I am in many ways, a genius.

I am a member of many a society that enhance my general world view and wellbeing. I am a member of Arts Revue Society, SUDS, Photosoc, and Jazzsoc.

I'm interested in photography and you can look at my work

This semester I'm hoping to branch out a little. To where I'm not entirely sure, but who is ever sure about anything ever?