About Winey Suen

B. Engineering (civil) / B. Arts

Hi my name is Winey and I'm studying Engineering and Arts at the University of Sydney!
I picked it because
a) I didn't know what I wanted to do
b) I wanted to help people and I was good at problem solving and speaking and writing.
c) when i graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering, I get to put BABE at the end of my name

I'm currently in 5th year! YIKES!
You'll get to follow my blog of my busy uni life as I
a) Start my thesis!
b) try to find summer work experience
c) be the President of the Sydney Uni Young Vinnies Society
d) Put on a musical!
e) anything else that happens to happen (ie. Revue season!)

Eight things about me
1. I laugh at my own jokes
2. I don't own jeans or sunglasses
3. I love dot points. They make life easy
4. I love excel spreadsheets.
5. My Chinese name is commonly used to describe flowers: “pretty without substance”
6. My name is spelt “Winey” because my parents didn’t bother thinking of a name earlier when I was born, as they were disappointed they had “another girl” (my siblings are named a very elegant Katherine and William). I was born in July and Maitland (a town in Country NSW) was windy at that time. My mother told to nurse to fill out my birth certificate with “Winnie”. Too bad she couldn’t spell.
7. I am humble about the fact that my driving is inferior. If I need to parallel park, I usually ask a passer-by to help me out. The conversation goes like this:
“Excuse me, can you help me park my car PLEASE?”
“um… are you serious?”
“I’m Asian.”
8. Why yes, I do frequently burst out in song :)

Feel free to leave me a comment about anything you read on my blog

Thanks for reading!