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December 2017

Kimbearlea-Smith.jpgWe have been thrilled this year to have as part of our team Kimberlea Smith, who joined us as a publishing intern through the Australian Publishers Association Internship Program, funded by the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund. Since joining SUP in July, Kimberlea has worked across our list on a range of marketing, editorial and production tasks, all with incredible energy, meticulousness and curiosity. It has been fantastic for us to have an extra pair of hands and eyes -- and her questions and insights have helped us to see our publishing practices afresh. Kimberlea's internship finishes this week. As we say thanks and good luck, we asked her to tell us about her experience as a publishing intern, her plans for the future, and her dream literary road-trip companion.


It has been quiet on this blog recently, but not in the SUP office. We've been busy planning for 2018, steering assorted books through editorial and production -- and launching some exciting new releases.

Simon Chapman (left) and First Dog on the Moon (aka Andrew Marlton) sign books and cartoons at the launch of Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Communicated Disease.


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