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June 2018


Vicky Gray has been helping at SUP for the last six months. She is finishing a combined degree in music and English literature, and planning to work in publishing.

What have you been working on at SUP?

Every week I’ve been given a different task with a different book, which has been great in enabling me to gain a glimpse of what needs to be done in most stages of the publishing process, as well as insight into the broad range of works that SUP publishes. I’ve helped with so many different books that it’s difficult to pinpoint just a few! However a couple of standouts include formatting and proof-reading David C. Thomas’s fascinating The Ebb and Flow of the Ghurid Empire and Jenna Mead’s edition of The Broad Arrow by Oliné Keese, as well as copyediting parts of Mutiny, Mayhem, Mythology: Bounty’s Enigmatic Voyage by Alan Frost. Since this is my first experience working within a publishing company, I began with very little knowledge of how the process works, but from being given such a range of tasks, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that will be invaluable in the future.