1529 Ottoman Suleiman the Magnificent began the siege of Vienna.

1664 The Dutch surrendered Manhattan to the British.

1908 The first Model T Ford rolled off the assembly line.
Tin Lizzie.jpg

1959 Republican President Dwight Eisenhower ordered the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division, which held at Bastogne, to protect school children in Little Rock Arkansas from Bible thumping gorgons baying for blood. Little Rock school.jpg

1979 Compuserve offered online services to consumers.

1642 Harvard College graduated its first class. No witches. None there the semester I was there either.

1806 Meriwether Lewis and William Clarke returned after three years in the wilderness without GPS but with Sacagawea. Part of the trip was along the River Platte.

1846 Berlin Observatory observes Neptune, right where it was supposed to be. Famous for its storms now as shown below.

1884 Herman Hollerith patented a tabulating machine. The start of the pocket calculator.

1932 Saudi Arabia became Saudi Arabia. [Witticism needed.]
Saudi thug.jpg

Which one would you tell your nearest and dearest? Why that one?

1499 The German, Italian, French and Romansh Confederation Helvetia declared itself to be the nation of Switzerland, leaving the Holy Roman Empire.

1656 In Maryland an all woman jury heard the case of Judith Catchpole (no relation to Eric) on the charge of infanticide. Her defence was that she had never had a child. The jury concurred.

1735 British Prime Minister Robert Walpole moved into a house at 10 Downing Street.
10 Downing St.jpg

1862 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

1947 A Douglas C-54 flew the Atlantic on automatic pilot.

The usual rules apply.

1521 The mad monk published a New Testament, i.e., Martin Luther.
Luther text huge file.jpg

1792 Revolutionary France abolished its monarchy. Failed. Kings returned, twice over.

1893 Frank Duryea drove a gas-powered vehicle with an internal combustion engine. So do we still.

1937 'The Hobbitt' was published, and it is still in print.

1949 Mao declared the People's Republic of China to exist in a performative utterance.
Mao speaks.jpg

Choose one item to tell others. Which shall it be? Why that one?

1951 67% of Swiss voters reject women's suffrage. Those voters were all men.
Swiss Anti-Suffrage Poster.jpg If women vote, they will neglect their children. Tweet logic.

1954 FORTRAN runs on a computer for the first time. It is short for Formula Translation. Ugh, well do I remember using in grad school and not once since then. Whereas the French I preferred as served me far better.
Fortran card.jpg

1963 Lake Burly Griffin is completed after fifty years.
Lake BG.jpg

1979 Lee Iacocca became CEO of Chrysler and performed miracles. In retirement he became an advocate of bicycles.
Lee Iacocca.jpg

1990 The Germanies ratified unification.

The rule is choose one item only to tell others. Which shall it be? And why?

1870 Prussian siege of Paris began (ends January 1871). During the siege the Paris Commune occurred. Meanwhile, what's for dinner?

1893 New Zealand legislates for universal female suffrage. Kate Sheppard, suffrage leader.

1928 Mickey Mouse’s screen debut. Is the Mick still in business?

1955 Juan Perón deposed in coup d’état. Perón resisted the advice to fight back, having seen the devastation of the Spain after its civil war years ago; he accepted exile.

1991 Otzi the Iceman found after 5300 years. Late home from the store.

1634 Anne Hutchinson arrived at Massachusetts Bay - an important religious figure at odds with men, the Puritans. She was driven out of the Bay and welcomed in Rhode Island.

1846 The Brownings elope - poets two whose work passed my eyes on Saturday mornings in Poetry.

1850 Fugitive Slave Act passed in US - one of the festering sores of the Civil War.
Fugitive act.jpg

1851 First issue of New York (Daily) Times - still fit to print.
NYT One.jpg

1948 Margaret Chase Smith with 71% of the vote elected to Senate - the first woman so elected when Republicans still were human.
MC Smtih.jpg

Director Webb refers to her staunch and bipartisan committee efforts to get funding for the Apollo program.

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