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1766 London: Christie’s held the first sale in Pall Mall. Still going there at home and around the world.

1831 D.C.: Former President John Quincy Adams took a seat in the House of Representatives where his many accomplishments include creation of the Smithsonian Institute(s) and defending the mutineers of the Amistad. He died at his desk in Congress. He did more good as a representative than as a president. A biography of JQA is discussed elsewhere on this blog. Go there for further enlightenment.
Q Adams.jpg

1909 Sydney: George Taylor made the first heavier-than-air flight in Australia in a glider from the sand hills at Narrabeen. He made 20 flights that day of 100 to 250 metres. The Child Bride grew up in those environs.
Taylor replica.jpg

1945 Florida: Flight 19 left Fort Lauderdale for a three-hour training fight and flew into legend in the Bermuda Triangle to became the ‘Lost Squadron.' The incident is demystified in the book below.
Bermuda BS 1.jpg

1952 London: The Great Smog began and lasted until March of 1953. Thousands died in accidents and respiratory ailments.

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