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August 2007

Friend of and occasional lecturer in the Indonesian Department, Jumaadi, described on the ABC website as "a post-graduate student at the National Art School in Sydney," has just won the John Coburn prize (worth $5,000) for emerging artists in the NSW religious art competition. His winner work was called Whisper.

See his site http://www.aiaa.org.au/gallery/adi%20jumaadi/adicv.html


The following was sent to me by Ayip: travel-warning-1.jpg


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Looks like I have been taking the wrong approach in saying that the Australian travel warnings about traveling to Indonesia should also be matched by warnings about traveling to that dangerous, terrorist-ridden country Great Britain. A report in Sunday's Sun Herald, drawing in turn from a report in The Guardian, points out that Australia is the second most dangerous destination for those coming from the mother country. 'Violent crime, extreme weather and incidents involving fauna' (! luckily the flora was OK) meant that Britons called on their consular services in Australia nearly as much as those in Thailand. The report goes on the cite the statistic that '59 Britons died in Australia between April 2005 and March last year' (although to be fair since there are so many Britons resident in Australia, there were probably quite a few deaths from old age in there).

Britain obviously needs to warn its citizens that they should not travel here unless absolutely necessary, which would have the added bonus of relieving pressure on those living near backpackers' hostels.