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While notices of the death of Bali have been appearing for nearly 100 years, Susi Johnston's latest analysis of the island's problems, 'Does Bali need a reboot?' <http://susijohnston.com/> is an important contribution to analysing how the tourist marketing authorities and those responsible for Bali's infrastructure have lost the plot.

Mind you I don't agree with all of Susi's analysis, especially her view that wealthy westerners deserve their luxury holidays because they work so hard. This is an insult to workers everywhere who get run into the ground by their employers but would never in a million years be able to afford a good bottle of red while watching the sunset in a luxury hotel at Jimbaran. Some of those holidaying on Bali are indirect employers of the workers of the Third World, and even financiers who decide that for the sake of improving productivity or to make up for bad investment decisions, industries should shed thousands of jobs.


Point taken Susi, and fair enough (but do you want to be known for being 'cute' instead?)

All points about the wine at sunset are well taken.

I wove that minor theme into the piece only because it was for the Jakarta Post, and I have heard emotional opinions from various quarters about connections between the "haram" nature of alcohol and its recent scarcity and price increases. I've also heard comments suggesting it's morally wrong for Bali to prosper by welcoming rich infidels whose riches also pays for bombs.

I was trying to make having a glass of Cabernet on the beach sound less like an infidel's orgy of excess . . .

Trying to speak between the lines to other audiences, as well.

Patung is not the first person who's said "she seems a bit snobbish." Nor is he the first one who's used the word "cutesy" about my writing, or indeed about me, myself! What can I say? I guess I'm a snobbish cutesy-pie? I suppose I can live with that.

Thanks for the link to her site, didn't realise she had one, she wrote this one http://www.indonesiamatters.com/1198/state-of-bali/ which is on a similar theme, seems to be her thing...

I only really looked at the pictures and the captions...she seems a bit snobbish, people enjoying that bottle of red at sunset at some over-priced restaurant are preferable to the yobs in the picture "What you get when you go for gross arrival figures." Some of the other pics and captions are just too cutesy for my taste.

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