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The bomb attacks in Jakarta yesterday were directed at the Indonesian state. Just at the point where Indonesia was showing the world that it was getting along ok, economically as well as politically, its enemies within have chosen a new target, the business community, and especially foreign investment. Tragically, this attack has killed and maimed Indonesians, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders and others alike. The stories of the victims and their families are extremely upsetting, and show that the psychopaths who launched these attacks have lost any sense of humanity.

As with the earlier attacks, trying to unravel 'what happened' remains a problem, and the lack of satisfactory action against those responsible for earlier terrorist activities shows that the door remains open for further attacks. The big question is 'who?' The immediate actors are most likely to be suicide bombers probably motivated by a desire to destabilise the Indonesian state and replace it with a transnational Caliphate. They are also probably associate with Noordin Md. Top, the Malaysian bomber responsible for earlier attacks, although he seems now to be operating a small independent terror cell, rather than being a member of the larger body JI. But why is it that Top has remained free for so long, and that the bombers were able to get past heavy security in two hotels to stage a large attack? Could it be that BIN, the Indonesian security body, is either incompetent, or involved?

The latter sinister possibility is raised by the timing of the bombings: at the same time as the attacks on Freeport Mining interests in Papua are going on, and just after the Presidential election. In the latter case, a number of people have paid millions of dollars to get elected, and failed, so may be motivated by a "we'll show you" hatred of SBY. It may not be Prabowo, the main suspect (apparently the Marriott is controlled by one of his allies) who is behind this, but there are plenty of other powerful interests who may want to destabilise the administration.

Then there is the Freeport element. Apparently Freeport has stopped paying protection money to the military, which may be the reason for the horrible assassination of an Australian worker in Papua, along with other killings and bombings there. Is it coincidence that Freeport executives were amongst those targetted yesterday?

There is already substantial evidence that earlier terrorist attacks may have been facilitated by elements in the Indonesian security apparatus, that is that they either knew they were going to happen, and allowed them to, or that they actively assisted the bombers. Certainly this is the view of former president Wahid, whose attempts to dismantle the apparatus were stopped by the 2002 Bali bombings ( http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=1085, thanks to Ariel Heryanto for this link). The Indonesian intelligence agencies have a long history of manipulating or facilitating violence in order to serve their ends.


I also very sad with the events that befall the city Jakarta, hopefully with this incident, the police can be more vigilant.


Undoubtedly, it is very inviting to suspect the involvement of the Indonesian military in the recent bombings. However, i think the story might be more complicated than any conspiracy theories proposed by media, political analysts or even Gus Dur.

I've checked the link above and read it through. It seems to me there are many speculations going around about the bombings. Gus Dur, as always, hints at something but never substantiates his points.

I will caution any thoughts of anyone with activists background such as Gus Dur or Aditjondro. Since pro-dem groups are always putting themselves against the military, linking the terrorist acts to the military activities is then very convenient for their strategies.

However, i am not entirely denying the fact that the military may have facilitated the birth of terrorist group. But it is important to ask whether the military have control over them now?

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