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Hi everyone! I’m on the plane now heading back home, and I would say that the highlights of the trip for me would be:

1. Sightseeing – We had 10 weekends over here, and for half of them I left DC to visit neighbouring cities,– everything is so close and alluring! We went to:

Philadelphia, where I ate the nicest pork sandwich there, and also got to visit my friend at UPenn!

Boston, a really pretty city, possibly the prettiest I saw, a bit like Paris but all the buildings were red brick.

New Jersey, visited Princeton, it was so much fun seeing what it’s like to be a freshman there! Makes me want to live in college.

New york, had such good pizza from Grimaldi’s, saw Wicked (and cried way more than I expected)

Orlando (Florida) – Blue Man Group, Bubba Gump restaurant from Forrest Gump.

2. The food -I must mention that at the DC Cheesecake factory, the Carrot cheesecake was one of my favourite foods I’ve had here. They mix up pieces of carrot cake in cheesecake mixture, it was so nice. Oh and Kate’s banana bread, hot out of the oven was so good! There was a lot of baking going on in UCDC – another highlight.

3. UCDC’s location- I’d just mention how grateful I am that UCDC was so centrally located. We were in the CBD, about six blocks to the White House, the Monuments, the shops, work, the supermarket (I love Wholefoods!), and places to eat. It made a huge difference to the amount we were able to see.

4. Ice Hockey! Council Member Tommy Wells, who Trevor and I are interning with, gave us tickets to see an ice hockey game in the last week between the DC Capitals and the NY Islanders.

We had really good view and a bottomless bag of popcorn! In the last five minutes of the game, the Capitals were losing 2-0 and I felt sad that everyone in the stadium was so disappointed and people started leaving! But those who remained behind in the last minutes started standing up and cheering so loudly, in the last three minutes the Caps scored TWO goals to get them to overtime where they scored a 3rd goal! Trevor and I leapt out of our seats, and the mood in the stadium suddenly and completely flipped around! This was the first sports game I’ve seen live that has had a comeback like this. I was in shock. But it was so much fun, especially to see a sport that we don’t have a lot of at home.

The program brought me to a lot of new experiences and wonderful people, who I feel really lucky to have met. Overall, I think that I have gained a broader perspective on the world. I feel like there is so much more possibility, and that I might have been capable of more than I thought I was before. I think in the future, I’ll want to explore more, but for now, I can’t wait to get home too! Bye Washington!

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