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Just a few short months ago, Washington was a place I knew filled with politicians, think tanks and monuments. Now, when I talk about DC, I think of mentors, friends and memories.

I must admit it is strange to think that I have left DC - and my undergraduate career (pending one last assessment) - behind. Looking back on something that I looked forward to for so long causes a sort of instant nostalgia. A feeling that emerges even though it was a mere few weeks ago that I moved out of my room “inside the beltway.”

I realise that I have been very fortunate to undertake a study abroad program and I am very thankful to all of those in Sydney, California and Washington that facilitated the experience. Many of my friends who have studied at universities around the world agree that ‘going on exchange’ is one of the greatest decisions one can make. I cannot stress enough just how valuable it is as an addition to a University degree. The kicker is that the Washington DC Internship program is a study abroad with a set of steak knives thrown in (but only if you order while you are an undergraduate Business School student)!

Many times throughout my life, I can recall my parents encouraging me to take advantage of opportunities describing them as “Education with a capital ‘E.’” While gaining knowledge through conventional secondary sources is extremely valuable, I now believe that nothing compares to first-hand experience. I can honestly say that the Washington DC internship program was an Extraordinary Educational Experience, in one.

(* Apologies to Miss Cameron, my year three English teacher, for breaking the rules of capitalisation)

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