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Hello hello! This is now our 3rd weekend in DC and life keeps getting better. I'm going to briefly run through why the past few days has been filled with such awesomeness.
1. It is inauguration weekend, and tomorrow those of us lucky enough to have inauguration tickets will be down on The Mall to catch the tiny speck that will be Obama. It's exciting though because the atmosphere of the place is somewhat electric; Obama shirts everywhere, American flags everywhere, you get it.
2. Yesterday, visited the whitehouse ("The whitehouse" - in fact we're only taken to the Executives Building which is a pretty old thing that is vaguely connected to the actual whitehouse, but no one's complaining, it was a cool experience and we got to meet Sarah Hurwitz, a chief presidential speechwriter. In that same afternoon we made a trip to Capitol Hill to parle with the Department of Homeland Security. I could fall madly deeply in love with DC for no other reason than the fact that the buildings are so superbly beautiful. All the history, the Beaux Arts architecture, the museums, the galleries (oh my god the galleries! - red carpets and carved ceilings galore). I would also work there for no other reason than that it reminds me of the Ministry of Magic. Very inspirational. I have found my life's ambition.
3. Weekends = party time (no matter which weekend) here in DC. after a hectic week of work, the Americans know how to have fun. The Aussies are also very popular due to our status as alien species. They cooked up a Mexican banquet for us Saturday night and we had the time of our lives.
4. Weekends = time to explore. The shops here don't open as late as they do in New York. Most museums close at 5:30pm, so it's definitely a strategy to study weekday nights and leave weekends free to explore this amazing city. As an exercise junkie who hates the gym (it is just super boring), I love my mega-walks down from UCDC to the Capitol, Library of Congress and, this morning - the fantastic East Markets (a good hour long walk), where Matt and I indulged in "Obama cupcakes", archaic magazines from the 70s, and street Jazz music.
5. FOOD. Here in America, the land of the plenty. We console ourselves with the fact that there is a gym downstairs, YMCA across the street and a dance studio just around the corner. But with much delightful guilt... CUPCAKES. Even after me and Laura's mad cupcake spree in NYC (we vowed never to touch another cupcake again), it's impossible to resist these 3inch icing babies that come in every flavour and variety.
6. Finally, I'm looking forward to attending Obama's staff ball on Tuesday. More excitement to come!

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