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Capitol Hill!

Washington D.C. is simply beautiful. Beneath the snow covered, icy streets and avenues (all square and conveniently lettered or numbered for the tourist…), lies a vibrant city pulsating with unlimited happenings and an overwhelming sense of culture and patriotism. Exploring what lies at the heart of Washington D.C. is like taking a leisurely walk into sophisticated mix of national culture and history.

Home to the Smithsonian’s 19 museums, I’ve already visited a quite a few of them during my time here so far…each and every exhibit is uniquely spectacular.

Every day in this illustrious city some sixteen hours worth of time zones away has been distinctive and memorable. Having taken on three personas, I can’t specify a daily routine but I’ve certainly become an intern by day, a student by night and a tourist come the weekends...

As an intern at the Institute of International Finance, I spend my week working with global leaders of finance, researchers and economists. The breadth and depth of knowledge displayed and present in any one conference or room is simply amazing. Having finished my second week, I’ve learnt so much! Everyone here is just so pleasant to work with!

As a professional tourist, Washington D.C. in 2013 has offered us so much! Witnessing Obama’s presidential inauguration with the naked eye, amongst a surreal atmosphere and crowd was definitely a highlight! The 4am wait was definitely worth it!

An amazing atmosphere!

Even more, so the buildings and architectural finishes here are simply breathtaking, no matter which corner you turn. The pristine marble floors, decorative raised ceilings and sandstone exteriors of government buildings are just such a treat for the eye! To me the most remarkable building here is undoubtedly the Capitol Building…! Having observed its glory for more than seven hours during the inauguration, its aurora and presence is still so luring!

Snow opposite my workplace!

To sprinkle on this amazing experience is snow! A great novelty, having known we’d escaped the 114.8 degree Fahrenheit weather (I’m also getting used to the imperial system...) of Sydney!

A shout out to my family in Sydney! Hope you’re all well!

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