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More than halfway actually - here's a quick update on all the fun we've been having/ going to have - I would post pictures but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

- BOSTON THIS WEEKEND. After the snowstorm last weekend, please God let it not be -10 degrees in Boston this weekend.. We are flying out Saturday morning from Baltimore, which means probably another 3am wake-up, not that sleep-deprivation is anything remarkable these days.

- CONCERTS. I saw BON JOVI 'giving love a bad name' on Sunday night (woooo) and Avicii perform the Friday before - note: going out in -0degree temperatures in a SINGLET or T-SHIRT to save the cost of coat-check is not a good idea, because the plan to "brave it out, jump in a taxi, get in, come out, jump back in a taxi" is sadly ruined when upon arrival there is a 1 hour queue to get inside and everyone slowly dies of hypothermia... On a brighter note, watched Cabaret the musical with UCDC kids and now I am so hooked that I binge-purchased tickets to Jersey Boys at Boston Broadway and Hughie at the Shakespeare Theatre Company for the upcoming days. My bank account is really suffering, but that's the price to pay for 2 hours of absolute glee. Also, there are some really cool deals that let you purchase $100 theatre tickets for $18 if you happen to be under 35 years old, and lucky I am.

- EXCURSIONS. So far, either through the US Studies Centre or our Presidency elective, we've been to the Whitehouse to meet with Clinton and Michelle Obama's chief speechwriter; the Pentagon, getting cosy with the Department of Defense and military personnel; ABC news - the american one; lunch with Ambassador Kim Beazeley at the Australian Embassy; and tomorrow - Federal Reserve and Capitol visit!

- ONLINE SHOPPING. Because it is even better than actual shopping, in the sense that so little effort is required for so much addictive pleasure. The girls have become hooked on shoedazzle and justfab (which has free shipping), which is perfect because one can never have enough shoes, especially at ridiculously cheap prices.

- Other fun things: There's a great dance studio around the corner that my American friend and I have been going to: perfect stress relief after a day of work. Today is also Valentine's Day! My American housemates were up baking 'funfetti' cupcakes (this popular american thing that tastes pretty amazing) at 2am in the night/morning.
It's also Thursday night tonight - the end of the working week. A 4-day weekend for presidents day beginning now!

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