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New York - Part 2

Now, I’ve left Times Square to a separate part - reason being was that we came here again with a larger group of friends on the Weekend once we were in DC so I decided to merge my impressions all together here! Times Square. Lights. Sounds. People. When you speak of New York, this is the area most people recall. The buzzing energy just pulsates through you. It’s an incredible aura of excitement that hovers in the air invigorating the people of the city. The number of ads that you are bombarded with is almost overwhelming but at the same time it makes you feel as though you are at the core of our modernised commercialistic world. A bubble of materialistic culture, shallow but none-the-less a luxury that inherently attracts people to the area.

Watching tourists spinning around and I won’t deny doing it myself, taking photos of the sky scrapers and that quintessential New York shot of the Times Square billboard in the background as you cheesily smile a horrid teeth-revealing smile into the camera is just an indicator of the excitement that this place can instil in you.

But, at the same time, beneath the masquerade of vibrancy that shrouds New York the disparity between joy and despair is so stark it’s confronting. Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the city you can see poverty, homelessness and illness –the people who have not had the chance to reap the supposed wealth of this land of opportunism. In the snow, the biting cold, people huddle with flimsy blankets, plastic garbage and patched jackets. To say that New York is merely a place for fun is wrong.

Seeing these sights inspire a desire for change, social equality and responsibility. I feel that these ideals will always propel me to remain mindful of my fortune for having education, a home and opportunities. In my pursuit of a business/legal career, these experiences will shape the way I operate and the way I carry myself. We all have the chance to make a difference with what we have and I think it’s important to recognise that.

On a lighter note, my thoughts on New York food? Well, it really depends! Not a sucker for fast foods, the sight of oversized pizzas on steroids is sickening. I mean, what sort of pizza has an organgey hue of slick oil dripping off its surface and cheese that rather than being stringy slides off the top of the pizza?

BUT, there were a few places that had the best food. Club A Steakhouse which I believe is the best steakhouse in New York had a scrumptious 4 week aged rib eye fillet that was cooked to perfection. The juices (rare but not like other places where rare meant you could still hear the cow moo!), the individual threads of red meat were oh so delicious! Again it cut another whole in the wallet but who could resist?! Almost as good was Momofuku, a Japanese fusion that served a pork belly ramen and a delicate pork belly bun.


Then prepare to be suited up at Club 21 – fancy as the Queen’s palace, the seafood was stunning. The meat amazing. Dessert out of this world! That apple crumble. That crunch. The subtle infusion of apple sauce and cinnamon. The way the smooth ice-cream complemented each bite, the vanilla essence slowly merging with the apple and cinnamon to culminate in a gentle flavoursome saturation of bliss on the tongue.

I suppose I should stop now before you dribble all over your keyboard right...because I sure am tempted to consume my screen while writing this!

Anyhow, apart from all that food, I must say that Broadway shows are never a disappointment here. I watched Phantom of the Opera and...upon leaving the show humming the tune now stuck in my head, decided to purchase, yes at the horror of my friends...the Phantom Mask. That piece of plastic threaded through with an elastic string (no sarcasm at all!) was probably one of the better purchases.

Don’t even try to tell me it was bad.

Despite that what I wanted to say was if you do go to New York, do not miss the chance to watch a Broadway Show whether its Phantom, Wicked, Jersey Boys, Matilda or Book of Mormon, as Nike would command you to do with its tick of approval, just do it!

Overall, though it was my third time in New York, I am sure it won’t be my last! The culture and invigorating milieu a magnet for my return! See you all soon and stay tuned for my next adventure!

~ David Lai :)

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