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With three days left in this program, I have decided to do a blog updating the work I have done, events we have attended and the places we have travelled.

(1) WORK
We have three days left to try and cram in our 20 page research reports for Business, Presidency, and our elective. For many of us, we have been to occupied to think of the work, and many optimistic people claim that 'they will do it in the plane ride'.

Time will tell. For me, myself know I cannot do work on a plane, so I will be trying to get what I can done these next few days, whilst spending as much time as possible with the fellow Americans who we say goodbye to soon.

(2) Events
Two weeks ago our professor organizedf for us to attend a conference and private reception with the Da Lai Lama. Some members of the audience were given the opportunity to ask quesitons. Unfortunately, none of us were this lucky, but many took the opportunity to take selfies (pictures) with His Holiness.

Last Friday, we were given the opportunity for a Pentagon tour that the University of Sydney organized. We arrived half an hour early as required, and were told by security that we were too late, and that we would have to re-register online. The sjhort-term misery of not touring the Pentagon was overcome by the spectacular musical event some of us went to at the Kennedy centre. Along with some Americans from Michigan University, who are also involved in the University of California Progam, we witnessed the National Symphony Orchestra play pieces composed by Beethoven. The event was remarkable, especially since I am a passionate musician - playing both the clarinet and viola. I also considered myself a great singer before the program, however, after hearing feedback from room mates, I think I will stick to my com/law degree for future employment.

Last weekend, in our final travel journey we went to New York. We made sure we did all the 'touristy' stuff such as Central Park, Wall Street, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty. However, the best part was seeing Wicked on Broadway amd going to the outlets for cheap cheap shopping.

With three days left, I plan to make the most of every moment. I sincerely want to thank friends and family for encouraging me to go on this life-changing journey, the friends I have made in this program, and the staff at USYD and UCDC who have been mentors and parent-like figures.

I strongly urge everyone to participate in this internation, life-changing experience.

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