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March 2010

What do these have in common? I was of course very much interested in the e-mail hack at the University of East Anglia , mainly because of the possible damage to the credibility of scientists (like myself). However, in December, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on how programmers at the climate research unit had struggled with data from Australia and that data from Cobar automatic weather station was used that extended much further back than the actual establishment of the station.

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Dorothy Kellar’s poem says it all, and see the Australian climate behaves as it should. St. George in Queensland is having the largest flood since the beginning of the records in 1890, the dams at Cubbie station are filling after years of drought, the Warrego, the Balonne, the Paroo, the Bulloo, all the mighty SW Queensland inland rivers are flooding bringing new life to farmers and the environment.

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