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Today, I want to go beyond the basics with these shortcut keys. I want you to be saying "Holy Mackeral" when you read this post. So, hold onto your keyboard, prepare to be wowed by these Microsoft Word Shortcut keys....

Ctrl + K : Hyperlink selected text (no more right click!)
Ctrl + Q: Remove the formatting of highlighted text (you can always Ctrl+Z to undo)
Ctrl + Shift+W: Apply an underline only to words, not to spaces, in a selected line of text.
Ctrl + 1 : Single-line-space highlighted text
Ctrl + 2: Double-line-space highlighted text
Ctrl + 5 : 1.5-space selected text lines
Ctrl + Shift + > : increase highlighted text's font by one point
Ctrl + Shift + < : Decrease highlighted text's font by one point
Alt + Ctrl + C : Copyright symbol
Alt + Ctrl + R: Registered Trademark symbol
Alt + Ctrl + fullstop/period: Insert an ellipsis, without having to type three dots!

Enjoy, and use wisely!

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